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Cyber monday lg monitor deals

Looking for a new game to try the new version you have been developing? It's not uncommon to get some freebies when building a new system, especially in the form of games.

This is better though, instead of giving you a set that you may or may not like, this pack just gives you money to buy whatever you want. Whether it's a new game or a masterpiece from the next Steam sale, or even some DLC you've been following for a while.

Anyone who buys an AMD Ryzen CPU and one of the upcoming MSI B550 motherboards can enjoy this huge discount. The strange thing is that it is not just a $ 60 voucher for each combination, different combinations of motherboards and processors will provide different amounts. The lowest appears to be a $ 30 voucher and the highest is a $ 60 voucher. The full list of combinations is shown below.

If you are eligible for this offer and want to redeem your coupon, all you need to do is register and log into the MSI website, upload the product invoice image and the motherboard and case images from the CPU.

Currently, the transaction begins on June 16 and the deadline is August 31. You don’t even need to purchase this combination as part of a bundle, as long as you have the box and invoice, you can start using it.

For more information about this offer, be sure to check the official MSI promotion page.

What do you think of this deal? Is this enough to influence your motherboard and CPU decision, or is it just an additional benefit? Where will you spend the bonus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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