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Maybe you have checked the latest AMD motherboard version, but are not sure how they compare. Located in the mid-range of the newer AM4 chipset, checking out X570 and B450 is a good way to know which motherboards are worth your time.

Like GPU, these motherboards may provide additional features of different brands, so we try to keep the information on a technical basis. This means that if you buy a motherboard from MSI, Gigabyte or ASUS, you know what will happen.

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AMD Mid/High-end build

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Let's start with some basics, namely the appearance. The main form factor you want to know is the physical size of the circuit board, because you want it to really fit your situation, and how many mounting points the circuit board has because you will use them to fix it.

Starting from the size, the B450 motherboard is built in the standard ATX style. You can expect from many modern motherboards based on Intel's typical circuit board design. This means that the size of the dashboard is 12 inches x 9.6 inches, or specifically 304.80 x 243.84 mm. The same is true for X570, because it also uses an ATX form factor.

So what does this mean for the brackets on these motherboards? They are all installed with four screws located on the back of the circuit board. Thanks to the AM4 socket, the horizontal length of each hole on these new motherboards is 54 x 90mm. Both

motherboards are AMD models, but after mentioning Intel and its standardized ATX motherboard design, these competing parts makers are worth talking about.

Although most motherboard manufacturers use Intel's ATX design for their circuit boards, these AMD motherboards use AMD's own chipset, which is different from Intel's Pentium and LGA chipsets.

It is impossible to compare the entire contents of each company's chipset catalog in a few sentences, but what we can say is that the motherboard you are using is designed to work with all the other devices in your computer. Just like Nvidia optimizes its GPUs and motherboards to be compatible with Intel motherboards and CPUs respectively, if you have AMD CPUs, GPUs, or both then you'd better choose AMD motherboards over any other brand. The type of socket used by the

motherboard determines the number of pins and the configuration of the motherboard, which will affect the operation and heat dissipation capacity of the motherboard, and then affect your computer. Both the

B450 and X570 motherboards use the Socket AM4 microprocessor socket, which is their latest socket innovation and designed to be compatible with AMD's Zen 2, Zen 3 and Excavator microarchitectures. All of this means that it is a fairly robust socket that is future proof when released, like many elements of the Zen 2 architecture.

Socket AM4 uses a 1331-pin socket and can support DDR4 memory, which was lacking in previous versions. from AMD. However, the

AM4 introduces a potential obstacle in the form of heat sink compatibility, where the side length of the heat sink connection hole has been changed from 48 x 96 mm to 54 x 90 mm.

This change makes some heatsinks incompatible with the motherboard, so if you want to use a heatsink, you should check if it has a usable AM4-compatible bracket. You can find motherboards with AM3 and AM4 configuration mounting holes, they can help you solve this problem. Together with the physical socket microprocessor used by AMD, the

must consider the accompanying virtual chipset. Here, the name of the motherboard is their chipset, so the chipset of the B450 is B450, as is the X570 motherboard. So far, these motherboards are very similar, but their biggest difference lies in the chipset.

B450 belongs to AMD’s 400 series, and X570 belongs to 500 series, so you should be able to find out which is a technologically advanced motherboard. The AMD B450 chipset is an excellent mid-range motherboard among AMD's latest motherboard products. It is very suitable for users who want to have a motherboard that can handle overclocking without supporting multiple GPUs. On the other hand,

X570 is AMD's most advanced overclocking platform. Because of its world's first PCIe 4.0 support, which we will introduce later, it can support dual graphics card configurations. This makes X570 clearly the best choice for gamers looking for performance or passionate graphics. The big difference between these

chipsets is their compatibility, which actually favors the B450. This is because the B450 is compatible with Athlon and Ryzen 1000 to 3000 series CPUs, and it can be compatible with 5000 depending on the BIOS update. This means that it can be used well with your old parts. X570 is only compatible with the Ryzen 2000 to 5000 series.

Now that we've covered some of the most important factors for you to consider, we can also cover other features. See the subsections below to learn more about the B450 and X570 and how they compare.

desktop motherboards generally don't have Wi-Fi built in. When they are embedded, it is usually due to a specific brand variant of the motherboard, not AMD's built-in Wi-Fi on the actual motherboard chipset.

For this reason, many commercial versions of the B450 motherboards do not have a built-in Wi-Fi function. We have seen the exception

You need to install, there are also two PCIe 4.0 x1 slots. The

B450 has a PCIe 3.0 x4 port, a 3.0 x16 port for graphics cards, then a 2.0 x16, and two 2.0 x1 slots. An M.2 slot is paired with a 3.0 x4 port to increase throughput speed, and six SATA III ports can be used for storage. The

memory speed is where we see the X570 beat the B450. This is because, although they all have four memory slots, the maximum capacity of the B450 is 64 GB of DDR4 RAM and the overclocking frequency is 3466 MHz.

However, the four memory slots of the X570 have functions of Dual channel DDR4 RAM, so the maximum can reach 128GB. When overclocked, their memory speed reached 4400 MHz.

You want to ensure that the memory capacity and speed are as close to the CPU as possible, so that you don’t have to wait for a response while the processor is working.

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AMD mid/high-end build

Form factor


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chip Group


Plan construction

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Also consider the pre-installed BIOS on the motherboard and the CMOS that contains it. If this is not your first computer, then you may know that the BIOS is the interface you see when you first boot, and you can access it during the boot process by pressing the indicated F key.

Although not every motherboard comes with it, some retailers sell motherboards with clear CMOS buttons for BIOS flash memory. When critical BIOS software updates occur, you can’t just download them to a drive on your computer. The BIOS is stored on the CMOS chip and is accessed and updated through flash memory. The

button makes this process more convenient because you can use the USB with the necessary files and a button to update the BIOS without having to install new motherboard components. Since both boards can have these buttons, and their CMOS chips are functionally the same, there is no real point of comparison here.

Looking at the b450 and x570 motherboards it is clear that they are very similar, for example they share manufacturer and form factor. It seems like the only obvious difference between them is the slot and chipset specs. As a rear motherboard model, the x570 wins out.

This does not mean that x570 is the best fit for your needs. Although facing the future, the x570 abandoned the old AMD hardware compatibility in preparation for updated models, which may mean that if you can’t or don’t want to upgrade other parts of your desktop, then b450 will be the best choice.

If you want to buy a motherboard for a newly built PC, you can buy the x570 at a slightly higher price than the b450. However, if you want to upgrade the motherboard, we recommend that you take stock of other components you are using and make sure that they are compatible with x570.

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