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Cyber monday green man gaming sale

Titan Forge Games just announced a new battle pass for its popular action MOBA Smite. They collaborated with Nickelodeon and crossed with "Avatar: The Last Airbender", allowing you to play Zuko, Aang and Korra in the animated fantasy epic.

In this cute animated trailer, we take a look at the appearance and movements of different characters, as well as samples of different costumes that will be included in the battle pass. These characters use their elemental power to bend water, earth, fire, and air, and perform close and long-range attacks. All these character models and skins look good, and they are the perfect transformation of the 2D character design in the TV show into the artistic style and overall atmosphere of Smite. From what we have seen so far, the artists and programmers are doing very well.

This warrior warrant is scheduled to be issued sometime next month, but the specific date and price have not yet been determined. "Scourge of God" is free to play on a large number of different platforms, including Steam and the Epic game store. For more detailed information on how to get started, go to the game website.

Smite was first released by HiRez Studios in 2014 and is now operated by the Titan Forge Games studio, which was established in 2018 to develop and maintain Smite.

Avatar is no stranger to the game world, as some console games were released during its original play, including a nice action game from Platinum Games based on the derivative series of The Legend of Korra.

Are you a fan of Avatar: The Last Chizong or Punishment? Or both? Will this convince you to take a look at Smite? Or this may inspire you to watch the show, which can be played in its entirety on Netflix. Tell us what you think of this trailer in the comments section.

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