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The official PC system requirements of Atomic Heart have been published and are very reasonable. You can view the minimum and recommended system requirements listed below on this page. Although we like to be optimistic at WePC, we can't help but wonder whether the recommended requirements are sufficient to run such an impressive graphics game at a respectable FPS. Therefore, we recommend that you assume that you need more power than the official requirements suggest.

We have listed some PC build examples at the bottom of this page, which we think are very suitable for playing games with different graphics settings and different resolutions.

If you are not sure whether your current PC specifications compare with the listed requirements, we recommend that you check our guide to learn how to find your PC specifications.

If you want to buy a copy of Atomic Heart, please check Eneba for the best price you will find in this game and more.

Atomic Heart is a fantastic and bizarre game from the little-known Russian development studio Mundfish. It may be one of the hottest hits in 2021. The game is set in another reality, the most technologically advanced Soviet Union in 1955. The game takes place in a government facility experiment. You (a mentally unstable KGB agent) are sent to investigate, which is full of various robots, Physics can fight the madness of terror and retro-futurism. The game is fundamentally a first-person shooter, but it will contain various RPG elements, such as weapon building and customization, and free exploration of different areas.

Playing Atomic Heart at the lowest setting at 1080p resolution may require a $800 self-built PC to get considerable FPS performance. However, if you want to run graphics at the highest settings of 1080p or 1440p, you need a self-built PC of $1,500, and if you play games at 4K resolution, you will need a self-built PC of at least $2,000.

If you don’t want to build your own computer and need something ready-made, then our selection of pre-built PCs that cost less than $800 should be able to run Atomic Heart at low 1080p settings without problems. However, once again, if you want to set the image to the highest, you need at least $1,500 of pre-built 1080p to 1440p games and more powerful $2,000 4K gaming equipment.

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