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Cyber monday cyberpunk 2077 deals

This was an answer if it was a recent Q & A investor, the plans of an investor for the follow-up of a successful launch of person 4 in more communications (good for Google translation):

"We resell titles sold with Previous, PlayStation Vita, called "Person 4: Golden", and are sold with steam from this fiscal year. Sales were significantly higher than expected due to the reception of the upper and low price of sale price. Let's go to actively promote the transplantation of published titles before

or previous and migration to new platforms. In addition, we are negotiating with the new game platform support in the future, and we are considering how to sell in the favorable conditions of each title. Adopt a Multi-platform approach and plan a PC version of various titles from the beginning.

It is probably frustrated for the fan of the atlus games and seeing that they see him ignore r The PC market for so long. Many of its games series are Shin Megami Tensei / Person, Etrian Odyssey and a series of vanillaware games, and will be very popular with PC players, and the PC audience is an attractive game type. The more titles of your background catalog are for many years for many years for years for years.

People have lost nuclear centers, but it is interesting to pay attention to the details of talking with platform holders. You can see some potential interpretations of this statement. For example, under some monopolistic agreements, probably the contract for Sony and Atlas to reach the person or at least person 4: PlayStation. Therefore, Atlus had to request the release on a PC. Another interpretation has a contract with Microsoft in a contract for the parent company Atlus Sega to take Xox games from Akuza to Xbox. Here, it is a little vague and we do not read this statement in the original Japanese, so it is not completely clear.

Atlus is obvious to many of the PC players in the United States appealed a world of PC game, so Atlus frustrates that Atlus wants to ignore this international market increase with shadow. However, probably very strong sales for person 4: I woke up the possibility that Golden from the door can be inactive. Japan was not a dominant platform for games in Japan. Understand how your games can be on your PC, Atlus is probably the most important remaining room.

You are interested in seeing on your PC, be it a game of Atlas Future or Back Catalog. Please, let us know in the comments.

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