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The recent GeekBench database demo gave us a glimpse of what AMD has been planning. In terms of naming structure, it looks like AMD might learn from Intel's book. Their new

processor is named Athlon Gold, which is obviously a continuation of Intel's decision to name the product "Gold" and "Silver" to help customers distinguish processor performance. Intel

distinguishes its processors based on microarchitecture performance. However, while Intel does this on its Xeon-class server processors, AMD will do so on its entry-level Athlon series.

Although naming the CPU may seem like a trivial matter, these similarities can be seen as a statement from AMD or a challenge to Intel. The

Athlon Gold 3150U processor has been used in the HP notebook benchmark "17ca2xxx". This looks like a prototype for the next HP laptop. Given the "Gold" in its name, it's fair to say that this performance will be comparable to the mobile version of Pentium Gold that runs on most full-size laptops. Benchmark

also shows that AMD Athlon Gold will become the AMD "Raven Ridge" mobile CPU. The processor contains 2 cores and 4 threads, and uses a Radeon graphics card that looks like AMD's "Vega 3" variant. How does

compare to Pentium Gold? The basic frequency of

Athlon Gold is considered to be 2.40 GHz, and the main frequency has been increased by 3.30 GHz. This means that this processor is actually much better than Intel’s Pentium Gold. Its nominal main frequency is only 1.60 GHz. The

Athlon chip also scored 3,559 points and 7,336 points in the single-core test, which also surpassed Pentium. Gold's ability. Intel Pentium Gold scored 368 points in the single-core test and 884 points in the multi-core test, which is unexpectedly low.

When the core numbers for AMD's Intel Pentium Gold and Athlon Gold are tied together, it shows that AMD has made great progress in processors in recent years.

is labeled "Gold", and it is not a wild assumption that there may be a "Silver" processor on the way. It seems that AMD is taking the competition with Intel seriously. With the Athlon Gold rating, the competition is so fierce that we can't wait to see where AMD will go.

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