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Asus also seems to be as leakage leaks in recent days to slide some details about one of its detailed base plates. The base plate

z490plus is viewed by the Momomo_us Twitter user, and also shows some images for what you can expect from the new TUF GAMING Z490PLUS motherboard in ASUS. Unfortunately, this leak is slightly scarce in detail compared to some of the other things. This motherboard is seen from an image that provides two PCIE X16 slots and three PCIE X1 slots. In addition, this base plate Z490PLUS is sent to the WiFi on-board modules and the storage slots of two m.2. According to the product page

, this motherboard is designed with military ingredients, improved energy solutions and comprehensive cooling options.

It looks like an ideal motherboard for players who require solid and powerful things.

We have not yet had a formal launch date, but it seems that you can see the official boot of the Z490 Plus motherboard series around MIDMI.

These filtered images seem to appear to show those that look like product pages, but we will see manufacturers that add these base plates to sell to the manufacturer immediately.

This Asus Tuf Gaming Z490 baseboard forms a list of Twitter Komachi users and Momomo_us recently filtered base plates. We have already appeared that the ASUS Maximus XII series appeared, and the MSI 3PS of the MSI motherboard and the AMD B550 will be offered.

It seems an exciting time for the motherboard market, but as with all leaks, it should be expected until we receive official confirmation before going to yourself. If you listen to the update during that time, keep up updating here.

What do you think about the recent leaks of ASUS, MSI and AMD? Share your thoughts below.

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