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Crysis remastered trailer drops plus leaked release date

Gone are the days when NUC was underpowered, and the privilege to play games is the secondary cousin of FullTower PC. Today, thanks to the newly added ASUS RTX 2060 Mini and RTX 2060 Mini OC, they have become real gaming powerhouses.

Some people may argue that the RTX 2060 GPU is not Nvidia's fastest product. Therefore, the term "power" is inappropriate. This mentality will ignore the fact that we are talking about ITX and MiniITX factors, for example, you can find a home under the TV in the living room. "Feed" ray-traced graphics onto the screen at a speed greater than 60 FPS. Compared to the currentgen game console, the term "strongest" begins to be taken for granted.

In other words, when paired with Intel's latest Ghost Canyon NUC shown at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2020, the (relatively) small 19.7 x 12.1 x 3.9 cm graphics card allows make PlayStation 4 and Xbox One yours Run away for money. The

RTX 2060 Mini and RTX 2060 Mini OC may have a smaller footprint than their full-size counterparts, but Asus has managed to keep their internal structure intact. Compared to full-size RTX 2060 variants, its theoretical specs and performance changes are zero.

Both graphics cards are based on the TU116 GPU, with a base clock of 1365MHz and a video memory speed of 14000MHz. Powered by an 8-pin power interface, TU116 can be increased to 1725MHz on a simple RTX 2060 Mini. "" and "OC" versions have more 30 MHz, reaching 1755MHz. In terms of connectivity, in addition to the expected HDMI and DisplayPort outputs (one each), there is also a somewhat retrospective DVI port option.

ASUS did not hint at their pricing, but expects them to be launched in the range of US$250 to US$350.

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