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Give your opponent a foothold with ASUS "ROG Strix Flare" (a colorful beast with impressive customization features), or just light up the room.

If one of ROG's peripherals surprises me, it is its beautiful keyboard. ROG, also known as the Republic of Gamers, is a division of Asus, to say the least, it brings us some very colorful products. Since the old ROG Claymore came to my attention when it was released, I have been looking for what the next keyboard might be, and this is ASUS ROG Strix Flare. Unlike Claymore, this keyboard feels more professional, but still has similar impressive features. The

Flare uses relatively simple 2-tone plastic, which is visually pleasing, and a quarter of it looks like brushed aluminum. They make RGB really shine because each key has a backlight, some lighting on the side, and illuminates the transparent plexiglass slide on the top. The RGB switch is enhanced by covering the bottom of the white base, which is very tactile. The keyboard is equipped with a series of Cherry MX switches, but I use Cherry Red switches. The keyboard has built-in memory, USB ports and some sturdy multimedia keys, but this luxury keyboard is very cost-effective, so let's take a look.



As you can imagine, the case is filled with bright neon lights emitted by the product to simulate the strong RGB on the keyboard. The packaging is stylish, not as boring as you'd expect from ROG, and the product is on the front. On the back, we have an annotated keyboard image that lists all the features and where to find them. The keyboard uses an additional fabric / polyester cover to further protect the product. Inside


Strix Flare length is now 18 '' which is a 100% (full) keyboard. It is a standard size, has a good sense of thickness, and at the same time has a fairly low profile at a height of 3.1 cm. I like its height very much, it feels like a sturdy keyboard without taking up a table. The buttons are located on the body with a width of 15.5 cm, leaving some extra space for the multimedia buttons on the top. The keyboard weighs 1,256 grams, which is quite heavy. It is not that heavy and requires you to transport it. In fact, its weight may be slightly lower than the average weight of the full keyboard, but it is not surprising considering that its main material is plastic. There is an internal steel plate, which gives it this weight and puts it on the table, but we do not move it often, so the weight will not be too important. The

keycap is made of ABS plastic and is laser etched. The backlight can be full of vitality through the keys. This is a commonly used material and process for RGB mechanical keyboards, but unfortunately, it will still wear out over time. When the circuit board is on and the black coating is in stark contrast to the lighting and white base, the laser engraving looks great. The keys float to the base, which makes the circuit board easier to clean, but I'd like to see the discreet casing to show the fact that they float, but it's still a nice feature.

Our Strix Flare here has a Cherry MX RGB red switch, but it can also be used for brown, black and blue switches. Cherry MX Reds has a low driving force of 45g, and there is no tactile feedback to tell you when to press a key. This pressure speed is usually best for gamers because they seek longer response times from peripherals. The red switch is sometimes easy to hit accidentally, but this is not what I noticed too much in the game. It is more when I write in the office or when I see some typos on the Internet. As a gamer, the Red MX switch is my first choice and always will be, but please check our switch guide here to find out which switches you might prefer. The layout of the

is simple but great. It is a full keyboard, but there are no extra 10 keys on the side, everything is in its natural position, as a serious high-end dashboard. As mentioned earlier, it is all made of plastic, but has a quarter angle and is designed to look more like brushed aluminum. It's a great touch, but for the price, I was expecting some real brushed aluminum, just like the Corsair K70 keyboard.

Regardless of complaints aside, it is a beautiful-looking keyboard, once plugged in and blinking, you really don’t want to turn it off. It is more or less a perfect rectangle, and the frame (edge) is very thin, providing a good edge for the illuminated key. As ASUS has added several multimedia keys, there is some extra space on top of the motherboard. The media button is on the left, which is perfect for right-handed gamers. This is a brilliant idea, because the number of times your left hand presses the media button will be reduced and you won't have to remove your right hand from the mouse again. The media button itself is beautiful, with a volume scroll bar on the far left. To be honest, these scroll bars have never really interested me, but after getting used to a keyboard with a keyboard in recent months, I can never go back to the whiteboard without it because it is so convenient. Clickable volume bar

The multimedia key and the most interesting button here are the Windows key lock function buttons. I don't remember when the Windows key was last used. It doesn't make sense, but at least with this keyboard, I can lock it to prevent any accidental labels that might be attached to these switches. The other keys are play/simple pause and fast forward/rewind buttons, and then another button to change the RGB brightness, with 4 levels. The

brand logo is all over the dashboard, but solemnly, "Strix" is engraved on the side facing you. This board in the upper right corner also has a unique design feature. It is a custom-made plexiglass sheet that can be slid in and out of the board, but it bears the ROG logo by default. There is a big ROG logo at the bottom of the dashboard, but you will never see it. The most important thing is that the entire set of buttons are in the font of the Republic of Players, which is great. There are 3 large rubber handles under the

board to fix the board with the steel plate inside. At the top, as you might expect, there are 2 folding mounts that feel very strong, and the same rubber material is used at the bottom to provide grip again. There is a slot on the keyboard. According to the configuration, the slot seems to be cut off for another peripheral cable. The

cable is thick and has a nice tight braid, which gives it extra durability. To be honest, the braid is more pleasing to the eye. It is about 2 meters long and has dual USB connectors, but the board has a USB pass-through function, so it does not take up additional space.

When you plug in the ROG Strix Flare for the first time, you will find a variety of colors all over the circuit board. The keyboards in this price category are expected to have RGB backlighting, and this cycle is a good demonstration of the potential of the RGB function. You can adjust the brightness in 4 different stages, if you are a bit weird, you can turn it off completely. The RGB lighting also illuminates the methacrylate slide in the upper right corner, if you really want to, you can use the extra blank plastic sheet they provide in the box to make your own custom slide. This customization feature is great, but it requires extra effort. I would like to see some stickers that come with the keyboard. I can customize this slide without drawing or printing ASUS templates on it. website. There are some fantastic RGB light strips on the left and right sides of the keyboard, which can illuminate the desktop to match the color/effect of the keys.

You do not need to download software to use the RGB function of the motherboard, because it has some pre-programmed lighting effects, you can use the Fn key + the left and right arrows marked "mode" to control. It is worth noting that you can use the software to get more customization and more colors, but we will discuss this later. The

keyboard has a detachable wrist rest, made of the same 2-color plastic that we see on the motherboard shell. The wrist rest is soft to the touch, but it depends on it being a smooth plastic, if there are some fillers the price will be good, but it is still very comfortable to use. As I mentioned, the rest are detachable and easy to insert into place. This is a passive break, if you move or lift the board it will fall, but it has never let go of me or let me down once while playing so it works well.

A simple but excellent feature on many modern keyboards is USB passthrough. The pass-through Flare keyboard is located next to the cable, which is very convenient. There are gamers like me who need to plug/unplug peripherals regularly, so having a port that can be used without moving the system is very helpful. If you have a wireless mouse, and you want the receiver to be on your desk instead of using the USB extender that comes with the wireless mouse, this transfer might be great.

The board comes with some default configuration files stored in the onboard memory. Users do not need to install software to access these profiles, such as color effects, which means they can start customizing different keyboard profiles for different games or tasks. In the same way as the color change before the start, hold down the Fn key, and then just click the number between 15 on the number band to select the profile you want. The dashboard provides macros instantly, but you can also record them through the dashboard, which is a great feature. To record a macro, just press the Fn key, then press the right Alt key to start and repeat the process to stop recording.

In general, the keyboard is flawless and has never let me down. It is also great in games. This is a fast responsive keyboard with a red switch and a multimedia key "WASD" near my hand for easy access and very pleasant to use. Using the red switch meant that I accidentally closed some tabs, but when I finally realized there was a window lock button, this became one of my favorite dashboards (which I easily satisfied).

The Flare can be used without software, but if you really want to learn more about the customization and powerful functions of the motherboard, you need to download ROG Armory software. However, when you delve into the software, the software is worth a try

ROG PC component peripherals, this is a very cool feature, wait until you see the full RGB consistent system, it is very beautiful.

I like ROG products. I can say I'm a sucker with the flash, but ROG Strix Flare is more than that. Using RGB first, the board looks great, but the functionality is great and it makes sense to move the media buttons to the left. The media button itself doesn't look like an unwanted afterthought that will break a year from now, but rather a sturdy, sturdy, and fit-for-purpose button. The volume scroll bar may be my favorite feature, and I know they are available on most boards now, but this is the first board I've ever used this feature on, and I won't press the caveman button again . The price of this

motherboard is about $150, but this puts it in a similar price range as major keyboard manufacturers. This is not a product that ROG is accustomed to because they like to charge premium prices. Here, you can get a fully functional high-end desk, when your office/bedroom lights are off, this thing will illuminate your desk like anything else. It’s worth noting that the Flare keyboard does not have a tool for removing keys or extra keys, but the fact that you can customize it with RGB, methacrylate sliders and switches makes this keyboard a great choice for you Daily basis.

I like ROG products, what can I say? I am a fan of flash, but ROG Strix Flare is more than that. First of all, with RGB, the board looks great, but the functions are great, and the multimedia buttons moved to the left are very meaningful. The media button itself doesn't look like an unwanted afterthought that will break a year from now, but rather a sturdy, sturdy, and fit-for-purpose button. The volume scroll bar may be my favorite feature, and I know they are available on most boards now, but this is the first board I've ever used this feature on, and I won't press the caveman button again . The

board costs around $ 150, but this makes it similar to the prices of the major keyboard manufacturers. This is not the ROG I'm used to because they like to charge higher prices. Here, you get a premium tabletop with many features that can light up the table like anything else when your office / bedroom lights are off. It's worth noting that there is no tool for removing keys or extra keys on the Flare keyboard, but you can actually use RGB, sliders, and Plexiglass switches to customize it, making this keyboard a favorite to use all. the days. competitor.

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