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Asus continues to push the limits of today's gaming monitors, so when they decided to launch the PG32UQX at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, it wasn't surprising to see them once again in the display arena. The new high-performance

4K 144Hz gaming monitor offers everything you want to take your gaming experience to the next level. This includes a fast 4 millisecond GTG response time, GSync Ultimate certification, VESA DisplayHDR1400, and an absolute number of game customization features. In addition to some impressive high-end specs, the PG32UQX has also become "the world's first mini LED gaming monitor", providing 1,152 dimming zones, providing a more impressive HDR experience. ASUS stated that the PG32UQX has been pre-calibrated at the factory to an average DeltaE of <2, with a wide color gamut covering 160% of the sRGB and 98 IP3 color spectrum.

Although the PG32UQX looks almost flawless on paper, we will test it to understand how it performs in terms of build quality, game performance, and overall price / performance. We also compared the PG32UQX to some similarly priced alternatives on the market, and we finally came up with our final thought on this high-quality gaming monitor. Chapter

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refresh rate

144 hz

response time

4ms GTG

screen size

32 ”


3840 × 2160

3840 × 2160

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refresh rate

144 hz

response time

4 ms GTG

screen size

32 ”Resolution Aspect ratio

16: 9

Panel type



500 cd / m2, 1400 cd / m2 (peak HDR)


1000: 1

Color depth

44 44 ° 44 ° 44 ° 44 ° 44 ° 44 ° Color Gamut

160% sRGB, 98 IP3

Backlight Technology


Panel Coating

Anti-Glare / Matte (3H)




100 x 445 4 mm x 4 inches 4 inches x 45 inches 45 mm 4 inches 45-inch stand

10.9 kg

input 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 DSC, 3 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x 3.5mm audio input, 1 x USB 2.0 (TypeB; upstream), 2 x USB 3.1 (TypeA; downstream)

Certified PROS 444 44 @ 144Hz output

Impressive aesthetic design

wraparound screen design


Like m Like any high-quality ASUS monitor, PG32UQX is packaged in a large box and displayed on the outside A host of marketing materials, including some of the main functions of the show.

In the box, the monitor is almost completely assembled, only the stand base needs construction. The stand base is bolted to the monitor with a simple thumb screw at the bottom of the base. Since the design of this display is very large, Asus has modified the case so that you don't have to physically remove the display to build it, which is a nice touch. Just put the flip cover on the base, you can screw the stand base to the monitor, and voila. If you want to use it, you need to remove the lens cap from the projection system.

Two large styrofoam pads are used to ensure that no damage occurs during transportation.

In the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX box, you will find the following items: After the

specifications are in place, let us take a closer look at the structural quality, design and mechanical characteristics of this monitor.

After unpacking this monitor, the first thing you notice is its look (and feel). The 32-inch display offers a thin (ish) bezel, an anti-glare coating, and a cool OLED display on the bottom bezel, where you can usually find ROG branded products. The OLED panel can be used to display various data, including FPS counters and visual settings for games. Nvidia's GSync logo can be found in the lower left corner of the display, as well as a well-made grille pattern. Below the OLED panel, users will find a scroll wheel for OSD navigation. This is something I've never used before, and I still can't decide if it's better or worse than the joystick method. Either way, you can see it when you look at the monitor from the front, but without deviating from the style of the monitor.

Unsurprisingly, the PG32UQX uses ASUS 'three-in-one kickstand design, giving people a very "gaming" feel, characteristic of the Swift series. The main body of the stand is finished in bronze, and the lower part of the stand neck is woven with splashed bronze, giving this monitor a better quality feel. Under the abdomen of the stand, users will find the ASUS light projection system, which can display the ROG logo on their desktop.

Move to the back of the monitor, you can find most of the design features. There is a cable management cutout on the back of the stand, which is labeled for those who need to be reminded. The top of the stand is equipped with the second RGB area of the display, again illuminating the ROG logo. The back of the panel adopts a new look of ROG, with a futuristic style, focusing on stunning RGB and neo-Aztec prints, which we have seen on many ASUS monitors before. The main RGB area is shaped like a ROG logo and covers a large part of the back of the display. Interestingly, when RGB is off, the ROG logo provides a sleek chrome finish. However, when enabled, the chrome will disappear and allow for a vibrant but not aggressive RGB glow.

Like the latest Samsung display, the PG32UQX has a scrolling shape, which tightly encloses the center of the stand. This louver is the airflow of the internal fan and helps to cool the panel, but we will discuss this in more detail later. that

Resolute and sturdy, you can fix the monitor in place no matter what angle you choose to watch from. The input is already well done and the user can use a cable cover to organize the back of the screen, you know, if you value that kind of thing. The main body of the

panel feels great, is very sturdy, and won't squeak in our tests. Even the scroll wheel has a certain luxurious feel to it and is great to use.

Like many modern panels, PG32UQX has an anti-glare panel coating with a matte surface and 3H hardness. Although prone to fingerprints, the coating is very effective in mitigating the effects of natural and artificial light sources. Additionally, this monitor has a high peak brightness, which is ideal for bright rooms and games in daylight. The

PG32UQX provides a two-stage framework. Considering its size, while it's not the slimmest frame we've tested, it's slim. The size of the top and side frames is 89mm, while the bottom frame has a stronger 27mm profile. Although they are not the smallest, they are still very thin compared to the size of the screen. As we often say, this helps to create a better sense of immersion when playing games or watching video content.

As we mentioned before, the PG32UQX bracket is versatile and durable. In terms of function, the stand has height, tilt and rotation adjustments, allowing users to find the perfect viewing position. With a sturdy internal design and a sturdy mechanical structure, this monitor's stand does provide excellent performance. The specific specifications of the

bracket are as follows: The

bracket also provides RGB and cable management wiring.

Refresh rate

144 Hz

Response time

4ms GTG

Screen size

32 ”


3840 x 2160

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In terms of input, besides HDMI, QX2 PG 3 can provide everything you really want 2

In addition to the 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, users can also use 1 DisplayPort 1.4 (DSC), allowing them to use all four devices on this monitor at any time. There is also a USB slot on the top of the monitor for additional peripherals to be used. The OSD (On Screen Display) of the

ASUS PG32UQX is very easy to use and intuitive. The design of the OSD is quite futuristic and consistent with the style and feel of the rest of the screen. It looks a bit like you're on Starship. Something Found on Enterprise, in a weird way.

In other words, due to the large wheels under the LiveDash OLED panel, the OSD is very easy to navigate. Click on it to access the mini menu, which contains the menu options, Power, Gameplus and GameVisuals.

As always, users have a wealth of options to choose from, including colors, images, and game settings. Choose from many predefined GameVisuals to quickly change the overall feel, speed, and visual experience you receive. There are more game features available in the OSD as well, including FPS counter, stopwatch, screen alignment, and timer; All of these functions can be accessed via the hotkey on the left.

You can also set all sound, LiveDash and RGB settings in the OSD and provide presets for your favorite settings.

Excellent colors and excellent image quality are the two main factors that help you create an immersive feeling when gaming. Although good colors are important, display manufacturers don't always calibrate their panel colors with colors that are considered accurate within a specific color spectrum, such as sRGB / Rec.709.

We like to test each monitor's color reproduction to understand how they perform in color-accurate scenes.

The following is the result of ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX.

Note: ASUS has pre-calibrated this monitor to an average DeltaE <2.

As always, we started the color accuracy performance part by simply testing the out-of-the-box PG32UQX. For this monitor, the career mode brightness is set to 285 candela, exceeding the recommended level for daytime use.

The color of this factory monitor is very accurate. As can be seen from the table above, we recorded a white balance of 6884K, a good depth of black, and an excellent contrast ratio of 3307: 1, much higher than the advertised 1000: 1. However, even more impressive is the mean deltaE of 0.54. This makes the PG32UQX one of the most accurate gaming monitors we've tested, allowing it to perform color-accurate work within the sRGB spectrum.

Next, we load the sRGB color preset. Enabling this preset will lock in screen brightness and contrast, a fairly standard procedure on most modern panels. We did tests and from an accuracy point of view the results are very similar. The white point is slightly higher (6935K) and the depth of black is slightly higher (0.15 cd / m2). The contrast has been reduced by more than half and the mean deltaE is almost the same (0.56). There are a host of other presets in the

monitor's OSD, but few provide accuracy close to the sRGB spectrum. In other words, we did some explanations for the following presets:

Cinema - Compared to the sRGB preset, Cinema mode provides a slightly bluish cast. On the contrary, it also feels a bit faded, with less gammarich outlines.

FPS – FPS is the brightest option among GameVisual options. It provides a feeling of enhanced black and is very suitable for FPS shooting games where it is important to identify enemies.

RTS / RPG mode: This preset provides a profile similar to sRGB. Compared with FPS and Landscape mode, the color gamut of the image is well balanced.

After trying various presets, I quickly calibrated the panel and recorded the color gamut, panel uniformity, and overall color accuracy.


PG32UQX worked great. I can easily recommend this monitor to gamers who like to work with lateral color accuracy (within the sRGB range).

Panel Uniformity is a test we run to verify the brightness and color uniformity of the entire screen. During this test, the central square was used as the reference space. Then test every two squares to see how different it is from the reference.

In an ideal world, we want each square to be green, which means that it does not exceed the difference threshold; we can set it at the beginning of the test.

Note: Results will vary from panel to panel. The uniformity of the panel on the

PG32UQX is very good, but not outstanding. As can be seen in the figure above, most of the screen shows an "amber" score, which means that the color / brightness of this quadrant exceeds the differential threshold of the reference quadrant; In this case, the deltaE is 2.

and this is a small defect of the screen, we must not forget that the uniformity of the panel does vary from one panel to another. For our monitors, watching sports events or content with large color blocks is still completely acceptable.

The viewing angle of this monitor is very good, even in dark corners can also provide excellent image quality. Viewing the display from an angle of more than 45 degrees will cause a small amount of brightness change, but not too noticeable. The colors are still very realistic, and the overall display effect is completely acceptable, again.

Refresh rate

144 Hz

Response time

4ms GTG

Screen size

32 inches


3840 x 2160


from Amazon As part of the calibration process, DisplayCal can provide accurate color measurement monitors. The following is the color gamut test result:

We must enable the "Wide Color Gamut" setting in the OSD to get these scores.

Looking at the measurement results above, we are very impressed with the overall size of the color gamut provided by this monitor. We recorded 184% of the total sRGB color gamut, which is more than 20% more than the advertised color gamut. This equates to 126.8 times the RGB volume and 130.3 times the IP3 volume; this is one of the largest volumes we have tested.

By looking closely at the color gamut diagram, you can clearly see how far PG32UQX exceeds the sRGB spectrum, shown by the dotted line. PG32UQX offers a large number of color variants in the red and green areas, providing a richer and more realistic experience in standard and HDR modes. Combining this with the immediate precision of this panel, the

makes the PG32UQX easily one of the best color monitors we've tested.

By checking the maximum brightness, minimum brightness and 120 candela points on this panel, we finished the test for color accuracy and image quality. The result is as follows:

For those who want to use our calibrated color profile, they can find a link below where they can download the zip file. The

color accuracy is not affected. It's time for the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX to experience a variety of different gaming scenarios and see how it performs in terms of pixel response, input lag, and overall responsiveness. Let's learn more!

In terms of gaming, the performance of the PG32UQX is incredible, which is what a monitor that only sells for $3,000. I started with a competitive CS: GO and saw how the monitor reacted. As expected, the results were very impressive. I loaded GameVisual FPS and entered a deathmatch, which is a game mode in which enemies will respawn to increase the number of actions you see.

Because of the smooth and smooth gameplay it provides, my overall impression when playing CS is very positive. The graphics are smooth, there are no ghosts, and the fast-moving images are clear and accurate-this is exactly what FPS gamers expect. In addition, unlike other monitors we have tested, setting OverDrive to "Extreme" will not have the same adverse effects as we have experienced in the past, and will not see overshoot in games such as CS: GO and PUBG. In addition, using the Dark Boost setting allows me to increase the shadow to detect enemies faster and more accurately. Enabling GSync Ultimate Edition also helps eliminate any form of screen tearing, which is very annoying when playing single-player and competitive games.

Having said that, this is not the most effective monitor for competitive gaming. The large 32-inch size and 4K screen resolution means that achieving higher frame rates on your PC becomes more demanding. For example, going from 1080p (in CS: GO) to 4K will see a drop of about 150FPS on the version we use. Having said that, we were able to maintain 144 frames per second in CS: GO, but this is not the case in many other games, even with RTX 3080 GPUs. Except for

competitive games, I decided to run some games based on immersion. Really test HDR performance. With HDR1400, 1152 local dimming zones and incredible 4K screen resolution, this should be one of the best gaming experiences you can get. Shadow Of The Tomb is the first game we played, and it is safe to say that this game looks great, not a joke. HDR1400 certification helps to add a lot of detail in light and dark areas. In addition, local dimming means that the halo is very limited, creating a wide contrast between the brightest highlights and the darkest dark lights. Due to the wide contrast ratio and high peak brightness, the PG32UQX is completely acceptable when playing games during the day, and colors and HDR will still appear during the day.

is accompanied by an impressive HDR experience,

The technical rate compatible with Xbox Series X models is correct. Although this monitor only provides HDMI 2.0, users can enjoy 120hz 4K games. Enabling VRR in games with fast-moving images can bring a tear-free experience that will not disappoint. The same is true for PC gamers, the ultimate GSync support provides the best viewing experience. Together with VRR, PG32UQX also utilizes Display Stream Compression (DSC), allowing you to run native 4K resolution content up to 144 FPS through a single DisplayPort 1.4 connection.

Finally, I used the monitor in a more general entertainment setting, just to see what experience it offers. Remember that this monitor has four inputs, so it is perfectly acceptable to use it as a monitor for movies or TV shows. The

Mini LED panel really provides a great experience when watching movies. After enabling HDR in Windows, the image quality of this monitor really belongs to its own domain. The FALD provided by this monitor means watching content from Scifi (or any other content with extremely high brightness against a dark background) is incredibly immersive. The halo is nowhere to be seen and the blacks are deeper than you would expect from an IPS panel.

So there you have it, our comprehensive evaluation of the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX, a large screen gaming monitor that really ticks all the boxes.

The only question that needs to be answered is, is PG32UQX worth the money? In the shadow of less than $ 3,000, this is not the easiest question to answer. The

PG32UQX is an excellent display that provides an amazing viewing experience. It is equipped with 4K large screen resolution, 144Hz fast refresh rate, 4ms low response time and a series of game functions, which can help you elevate your viewing experience to a new level. This is the world's first smallest LED display, and it provides the best HDR performance I have ever experienced. It comes with VESA DisplayHDR1400 certification, 1152 local dimming zones, and makes full use of screen transmission compression. In addition, with 4K 10-bit color, a wide color gamut that provides more than 160% of the sRGB spectrum (our models exceed it), and quantum dot technology, PG32UQX can easily become one of the best displays you can buy. However, finding the cash to buy one of these panels is not for the faint-hearted. The retail price of this monitor is US $ 2,999, which is not suitable for everyone. You also need a very powerful device to run 4K resolution games, which means the total cost of setting up your game will be dizzying. However, if you have enough cash, PG32UQX can meet all your needs, even more.

Refresh rate


Response time

4ms GTG

Screen size

32 ”


3840 x 2160


The new 4K 144Hz monitor brings you a higher performance gaming experience, making your gaming experience more game is even better Floor. This includes a fast 4 millisecond GTG response time, GSync Ultimate certification, VESA DisplayHDR1400, and an absolute number of game customization features. In addition to some impressive top-level specifications, PG32UQX has also become "the world's first Mini LED gaming monitor", providing 1,152 dimming zones, bringing a more impressive HDR experience. ASUS stated that the PG32UQX has been factory pre-calibrated to an average DeltaE> 2 and has a wide color gamut covering 160% sRGB and 98 IP3 color spectrums.


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