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Corsair k95 rgb platinum xt keyboard review

ASUS announced that it will release support for ASUS performance enhancements on various Intel 400 series motherboards.

Asus Performance Enhancement enables users to upgrade the Intel Comet Lake CPU PL1 to a higher level than the standard chip. In fact, ASUS performance enhancements allow the locked Comet Lake CPU to push higher clock speeds while still running within predefined parameters specified by Intel.

ASUS seems to be following in the footsteps of ASRock and its basic frequency boost feature. Very similar to Asus Performance Enhancement, Base Frequency Boost allows users to boost PL1 instead of overclocking chips in the traditional sense. The only real difference is that ASRock seems to have introduced support for a wider range of motherboards compared to ASUS. As this feature becomes more common, expect to see other motherboard manufacturers follow suit soon.

ASUS is introducing new compatibility through motherboard firmware updates. Activating Asus Performance Enhancement is relatively easy and you need to quickly access the BIOS of the supported motherboard, where you can enable this feature. ASUS performance improvement will be responsible from there, and the user side does not need to be patched.

As it is, the bracket covers 11 ASUS B460 and H470 motherboards.

The following is a complete list of compatible motherboards:

ROG Strix B460F Gaming, ROG Strix B460G Gaming, ROG Strix B460H Gaming, ROG Strix B460I Gaming, ROG Strix H470I Gaming, TUF Gaming B460Pro, TUF60FGaming TUF60FGaming TUFM (WiFi), TUF, Gaming B460MPlus TUF Gaming H470Pro (WiFi) and TUF Gaming H470Pro.

For example, due to ASUS performance enhancements, ASUS motherboards with 65W preset PL1 can run up to 125W. The PL1 upgrade is applicable to almost all compatible motherboards, except ROG Strix B460F Gaming, which can reach 210W due to the enhanced performance of ASUS.

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