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It is very interesting to note that ASUS has migrated a non-difficulty for AMD, with frequent problems with overheating.

Publication of the ROG sections of the ASUS website has been announced that detailed handling problems. When designing a

card, AMD ASUS reception has an AMD document, describes the specifications and tolerances to guarantee reliability and performance margin.

RX 5700 Series Cards, AMD recommends the installation pressure of 3040 psi. This is considered too low depending on the ASUS, and it is considered to reduce the contact between the GPU and the cooling substrate. After receiving a lot of user reports on the

temperature problems, ASUS made its own tests to find the optimal PSI range of graphic cards without degrading.

We found that the screw clamping pressure between 5060 psi is ideal for this series of cards. All Rog Strix RX 5700 cards sent from January 2020, meet this new specification. ASUS is also provided to install a new assembly screw for users with existing cards to solve the problem.

The high temperatures have fallen the RX 5700 card from the release and had a problem located on the reference card. While the card has moved to a process of 7 nm, the cooling solution that has just entered the card was stuck. Hopefully, this screw mounting correction solves the problem of people who possess these cards, which will be the end. While the existing navigation card is running close to the limit directly on the table, we hope that this solution will provide an increase in overclocking.

OEM It is rare to move up up, but we know that they aim to solve problems for new customers and existing customers. Some users have questions that this problem was recognized and repaired during the Asus tests before this problem is sent. It is difficult to get the answer.

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