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Corsair icue software guide

Don't be left out when Razer announced its new miniRGB gaming keyboard earlier this month. Asus just announced a new ROG Falchion 2.4GHz wireless compact gaming keyboard. This keyboard is specially designed for gaming on the go and is very suitable for gaming laptops that are used on the go, especially as it is equipped with a protective keyboard cover designed to protect it when carried or not in use.

Despite its compact design, ROG managed to install arrow keys and navigation keys on this keyboard, which is different from other smaller keyboards. There is no small keyboard on top or function keys, but for such a small keyboard these are reasonable compromises and it should still be able to handle most game control scenarios, plus light typing. The

keyboard uses Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches for tactile and responsive input, with a loud clicking sound each time it is pressed.

Generally speaking, a small keyboard like this is not a good choice for your main keyboard, but if you need a replacement keyboard that can be used in portable scenarios, it will be a good choice.

Perhaps to make up for some other missing buttons, ROG Falchion is equipped with a customizable interactive touchpad on the left side of the dash, allowing you to quickly control user settings.

ROG rated this keyboard's wireless performance as 1ms input lagging behind a stable 2.4GHz radio frequency connection, making it a reliable choice for games that require fast input or advanced competitive gaming. . The

battery has a nominal use time of 400 hours, although it is when the RGB light is off, ASUS has not yet shared how long the battery can be used when the RGB light is on.

hasn't confirmed a release date for this keyboard yet, but it shouldn't take too long to be available. If you're looking for something bigger, check out our guide to full-size gaming keyboards.

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