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Corsair hs70 wireless gaming headset

This is a reliable choice and should last for several years. The sound quality of the

headset during gaming is impressive, allowing you to hear every detail around you through the amplified stereo sound. There are multiple controls on the headset, including a power switch, a volume wheel, and a preset switch button to help you switch the EQ mode with one click. The

battery life is approximately 15 hours, so it should be enough for you to complete most gaming sessions. There are not many shortcomings of the

headset, but some people report that the sound is a little dull when using the microphone, and that the headset is difficult to connect to the PC and/or console.

ASTRO's Gaming A40 is another high-end headset featuring a custom headset with an external amplifier. This means that you are in full control of your audio, so the sound quality is excellent. Support for Dolby surround sound further enhances sound quality.

This headset is tailor-made for PlayStation consoles, but can also be used on PC. The

A40 ear muffs incorporate soft and breathable materials, allowing you to enjoy hours of comfortable gaming experience, providing extremely high comfort. The

external amplifier has a perfect combination of volume control, equalizer, the option to switch between 7.1 surround sound or stereo mode, and even chat control. The amp has an RGB backlit wheel, which turns red when muted, which is a nice addition.

You can get headphones without this amp, but this will make headphone control a bit disappointing, especially considering the price. ASTRO seems to want you to buy an amp next to the headphones, so we recommend looking for bundle deals as much as possible. The downside to this

is that the amp will take up space on your desk, which can be a bit cumbersome if there isn't enough space.

Most people have a certain budget when buying a new headset. Although gaming headsets are a bit cheaper than standard (non-gaming) headsets, you can still pay more than $250 if you are not careful.

It is a good practice to clearly understand the features that are essential to you before you buy, so you can know exactly what suits your price range. Generally speaking, the more functions of the headset or the higher the sound quality, the higher the price.

If you are not looking for big-name or exciting audio fidelity, you can save yourself a lot of change.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can walk away with some very impressive sound quality levels. Each earphone sounds different on its own, but of course some earphones are technically better than others.

With the increasingly common built-in surround sound in gaming headsets, this is a great way to add another level of enjoyment and immersion to your gaming settings. You can easily blend into the atmosphere of your favorite game and start capturing the things you missed before.

If you know that you will also use this headset to listen to some music or watch your favorite TV show to relax, then you may want to look for a headset with a higher level of sound quality.

One of the best parts of buying a new headset is choosing something that you know is comfortable to wear. If you've been struggling with the same tired headphones for a while, anything new can be a massive upgrade.

Not all headphones have the same level of comfort. You should pay attention to the materials used in the earmuffs and headband and whether they are likely to last. If you know you need to wear a new gaming headset for several hours, you'll want something that's lightweight and doesn't cause any discomfort.

Air permeability is another factor to consider. For example, helmets made of leather materials are more likely to make your ears feel warmer than mesh fabrics. Although initially it seems to have nothing to do with comfort, having wireless headphones is a great way to increase enjoyment; after all, who likes to be entangled in wires, right? One of the biggest benefits of having

gaming headsets is that they usually have more features than standard headsets. If you want, you can be crazy and crazy about the design of the headset to make it truly stand out. This can include different combinations of colors, shapes and even lighting.

Certain features that you will see in standard high-end headphones (such as noise reduction) are also starting to appear in headphones. There is no better way to increase immersion than to exclude the outside world. The

microphone quality is something we didn't mention too much in today's evaluation, but needless to say, if you want to play a lot of online games, you will need a good quality microphone. A sturdy, detachable microphone is an important feature of the headset, especially if you plan to use it away from the console or PC.

This is all of our time today, and we hope you enjoy the best selection of ASTRO headphones on the market today. If you haven't had a chance to see any ASTRO-related products, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Although this is by no means an exhaustive list of ASTRO headphones, be sure to check out the full series on their official website. We tried to make a few different lists for you today, but we can't cover them all.

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