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New details from headset manufacturer Astro Gaming provide the best indication that Microsoft's next-generation Xbox Series X console will provide support for wireless audio and voice chat via USB.

Astro Gaming confirmed on Twitter yesterday that it is working with Microsoft partners to provide firmware updates for its MixAmp Pro TR, A50 and base stations, and A20 headsets to provide immersive game sounds and voice chat via USB.

Astro Gaming pointed out that the plan is to release updates in time before the Xbox Series X is released. Microsoft's console is currently set to be released during the 2020 holiday period. The

recommendation is that Xbox Series X will be designed to support wireless audio and chat via USB. This news will definitely please Xbox fans, who have long struggled with the less-than-ideal audio features of existing Xbox One consoles.

For now, wireless audio and voice chat are limited to Microsoft's custom technology. This means that only a few officially reviewed headphones offer wireless connectivity. These headsets use base stations connected to optical audio ports to transmit wireless signals rather than relying on nonexistent USB options.

When the company announced that Xbox Series X would be abandoning optical audio output, even this limited wireless audio solution was called into question. Many people wonder if their headsets will become obsolete and unusable on Xbox Series X as a result. The USB connection should expand the supported options to a wider range of models. Update

Astro Gaming now confirms that fans need not worry. With USB support, gamers will be able to use a wider range of headsets on Xbox Series X.

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