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Corsair hs60 pro surround gaming headset

A great gaming headset is the perfect way to complete the setup; nothing is more like high-quality audio than the best PC games. Whether it is to add details or to be more immersive, there is something worth talking about for the best quality gaming headsets, such as the Astro A50s we are here today. The

Astro A50 wireless Gen4 gaming headset is the latest version of the Astro series, and its design features are similar to its predecessor. The price of the A50 means that this headset competes with the SteelSeries Artcis Pro and Sennhiesers GSP 670 wireless headsets. Although the sound quality can be said to be close, the A50s seems to be unique in terms of comfort.

So is the Astro A50s worth this high price? How do they fight the greats? Let's take a closer look.



Let's take a quick look at the specs and content so you can understand what will happen here. This box can almost double as a suitcase, which is a premium price.

Inside the box, we see:

After removing them from the luxurious packaging, this is a very simple setup process. You need to connect the charging base to your PC via USB, after all this will become our wireless receiver. These work great out of the box, so if you use a console or hate downloading software, you're in luck.

has some out-of-the-box costs, but for them to work you just need to place them on top of the docking station / base station (they can only operate one way) and let them charge. Also, once these power sources are turned on, you should be able to start using them.

First look at the Astro A50 gaming headset, you will find that it does not follow the latest trends in other subtle and versatile options like Arctis Pros. You can see right away that these are just for games, for a lot of people it's not a big deal, they still look great.

The rather noisy old design is gone forever This model has a completely black look in different materials. The black color complements the Astro brand's dark gold, and the overall look is only as good as the price.

Like most gaming headsets, they are very bulky and almost boxy when worn on the head. Except that the plastic around the earmuffs looks less angular, they are similar to Gen3 models in almost all aspects, making the appearance of Gen4 more beautiful. The build quality of the

A50 Gen4 is almost the same as that of Gen3, it is still very strong and well-built. The earphones are mainly made of high-quality, dense plastic and have the same flexibility as the Sennheiser GSP 370 without breaking or squeaking.

They are as high quality as they look, and even the hinges seem to be the strongest I have tested on gaming headsets. The entire frame is made of durable matte black plastic, suitable for different head sizes and shapes. When you grip the plastic frame, it won't sag at all, so squeezing it won't squeak or be a cause for concern. The frame around the

ear muffs is technically separate from the plastic of the headband, and each part is screwed onto two sliders. The slider feels like aluminum (I could be wrong though) and I put the wire in the middle. The ear cups are rotated 90 degrees from the axis of the slider and are marked for a better fit, which we will talk about soon. The top of the headband is separated, which has proven to be good for anyone who gets sweaty during play. There is a detachable plastic clip in the middle with padding. This additional widget comes with some additional markings, which can be replaced when you buy the mod kit, I will introduce it in detail later. The

ear muffs are wrapped in the same soft touch matte black plastic as the frame and, combined with the little gold and gray details, they look great. The

Left Earmuff uses a rotary silent microphone, which has the same ductility as the previous generation. The microphone is a long, curved plastic that allows you to better control how you position it when you play. It’s worth noting that to mute the microphone, it needs to be 100% perpendicular to the slider. This is one of the few questions I have with headphones, because I find silent activation a bit annoying, and often there is not enough twist, but you will get used to it. The

right earplug is where we see all the hardware controls of the A50s. I have to say that the positioning is very good. At the top is the power switch and an LED indicator to indicate when to turn on the headset. Below the power is the Dolby audio button. If you have Dolby-related software, it can enhance your sound. We also see an EQ button, which will cycle through three different preset EQs. Near the bottom corner (perfect position) is the volume wheel. The scroll wheel is infinite. Although I prefer the stopped volume scroll wheel, the touch and footsteps of the A50 are my favorite. Finally, on the headset itself, we saw the controls to switch between game audio and chat audio. Choosing one or the other will allow you to increase or decrease a specific volume, which means less hassle and more games. The

’s build quality is the best I’ve seen in this headset. From the moment you turn it on, you know that a high-quality experience is waiting for you, and the additional features will only help. Including fees

lost. The Gen4 A50 can now be placed on more desks than before, while still beautiful, there will be more to come. The

Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headphones are surprisingly comfortable. I made it very easy because you expect high-end headphones to be comfortable, but since I was disappointed with products like the Sennheiser GSP 670, I was a bit concerned. The

A50 weighs 380 grams, which I normally think is too heavy for gaming. However, with the perfect holding force and padding that I can only describe as a cloud, they stay comfortable throughout the day.

The clips on these clips are very comfortable, but it's worth noting that they need to be adjusted when leaning forward or dancing like crazy, so be careful not to fall off your head. The rectangular holes of the

earmuffs can accommodate quite large ears, but the padding is so soft that even Garry Lineker can wear them without worry. The plush ear cushions are removable and are located on the plate connected to the headphones via three magnets. The padding is woven with a breathable fabric, which feels slightly lighter than the previous generation A50. Fillers are very good for the skin and work well for players who also wear glasses, it feels like they sink into their ears and skull.

My ears have never touched these inner walls, but I'm not even sure I can tell you. The inner wall uses the same cushion material as the plush cup, which is also soft and velvety. The

headband also has a bit of padding on top of the head, but more importantly, the headband appears to evenly distribute the weight of the headset, making it feel much lighter than when worn.

For fit, Astro A50 is slightly angled to accommodate a wider head shape. The earbuds can be rotated 90 degrees, giving you the option to fit them comfortably on your shoulders, and due to the low clamping force, they won't strangle you. The

slider adjustment option feels tighter than the previous generation, but the design is basically the same. There are markings on each post that give you clear instructions for placing the headset on your head. Chapter

They appear to be designed to provide comfortable wear for almost all heads. After using them for so long, I will try to get back to daily driving. What a great headset.

Although the Astro A50 is designed specifically for gaming, they have excellent sound quality and minimal lag, making them well suited for neutral listening as well.

You can hear these details are great, they have a good frequency response, and the sound settings are probably the best I've found in gaming headsets. The lows are prominent and extended, and the mids and highs feel very balanced. The overall sound is clear and it always feels accurate, which is especially suitable for gaming. The

dip type is divided into two parts, a seal and a high quality 40mm neodymium magnet driver. So far this is the best audio experience I've ever had with gaming headsets, nothing to complain about.

Although these aren't particularly good in terms of isolation, the sealing is enough to fully immerse me in the audio I'm experiencing. In games like Squad, not only is the sound effect clear, but the powerful, undistorted bass is also worth seeing under the constant firing of weapons and mortars. When playing CSGO, it is very easy to pinpoint the enemy's location clues. I'm not sure I have noticed the sound I heard earlier, and it's definitely a plus from an audio point of view. No matter what game you play, the stereo images are the focus, and these are definitely suitable for gaming.

Install Dolby Atmos to enhance the movie and really engage you in single player campaign missions, especially cutscenes. What's impressive is the out-of-the-box performance without installing any software, they sound amazing, and the lead vocals and instruments are always accurately reproduced.

Split audio (game / chat) is a bit used at first, chat mix sounds like it's in the foreground, and game audio is in the back. The game audio is not silent, but the way it is transmitted to the ear is different from the Sennheiser GSP 370 that I am used to.

Finally, the A50 has never dropped and never produced a hissing sound like the cheap Corsair HS70, although leaks aren't the best, so avoid using it in a quiet environment. The

Astro A50 gaming headset is equipped with a unidirectional, rotating mute, voice isolation microphone. The

cantilever microphone is not removable, but it is clear. The performance of this microphone is no less than Arctis Pros ClearCast microphone, even better than Sennheiser model. Its clarity may be comparable to the Corsair Virtuoso SE microphone, but it is difficult to distinguish. The microphone sounds complete, and I have no problems with Discord or game chat when I use it. The recording quality is good and it sounds a bit better than the previous generation, but that doesn't mean you need to take it out for streaming-in this regard I will still choose a separate microphone. The noise reduction/processing of the

A50 microphone is top-notch. The microphone does an excellent job of separating background noise from my voice, providing clear, clear commands to the voice server. With this software, you can use four different noise gate settings, giving you more control. Chapter

The height of the microphone is the best I have tried

Additional content for "Life". In addition to the incredible build quality, high level of comfort, and excellent audio / microphone performance, the Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headphones have some additional features that entice you to upgrade. The

headphones are wireless through the 2.4 GHz frequency connect to a base station. The base station not only looks great, it also has a lot of inputs and you can also charge your headphones wirelessly. The

variant here is fully PC and Xbox compatible, and can be swapped out at the rear. In addition, the base station will indicate on the screen which one it is currently using. The base station is advertised as locked for a specific console, but headsets of either variant can be connected to both base stations.

On the back of the base station, we see an input / output line, which means you can run the speaker setup through the docking station without having to deal with Windows setup. There is an auxiliary port and we also saw a USB port on the back, giving you plenty of options.

Unfortunately, Astro A50 only supports wireless technology, but the charging stand is on the table and I have never lost a battery. The

Astro A50s uses a single-cell lithium-ion battery that can be recharged and provides uninterrupted use for more than 15 hours (advertisement). After being fully charged, I managed to get about 16 hours of time, and I used it for about 4 hours at a time to be fully charged. Although the battery life of 1,517 hours is miles away from the 100 hours of Sennhisers GSP 370s, you don't have to worry about this drop. As mentioned above, because the base station is too convenient, it will automatically locate and charge immediately, giving me unlimited power. The

headset also has an automatic sleep timer like the previous generation, and it will shut down after eight minutes. The slightest movement will reopen them, so when you grab them, the sound will play when you place them on your head. There is a microUSB charging port on the

headset, if you need to charge these charging ports away from the base station, but the docking station does a great job. The

Astro A50 comes with an interesting customization feature. It seems like a gimmick on the surface, but this doesn't affect the performance or functionality of the headphones, making it very popular. Users can purchase leatherette module kits to replace ear pads and headbands to improve noise isolation. I don't buy mod kits, but it's great to have options, and these pads are very easy to replace, which is good for extending the life.

It's worth noting that you need to buy a gen4 mod kit, because the gen3 ear pads don't seem to fit the latest models.

As mentioned above, these sounds are available from the factory. They are tuned to Astro Audio V2 to provide accurate sound reproduction and a realistic picture. With Dolby Audio and built-in MixAmp technology, you can further enhance your audio experience and fully immerse yourself in a more cinematic game. The

Astro Command Center is easy to master. The equalizer is great, you can enter your own settings and assign it to the EQ button on the right earbud, replacing one of the presets. The weird thing is that you can't control the frequency response of the mic like in the gen3 model above, but its performance is good enough, which is not something that I usually change.

This is definitely a premium gaming headset. Wireless performance is incredible, outshining the competition. SteelSeries Arctis Pro is controversial because they are a more versatile pair. The A50s are leaky, have no Bluetooth capabilities, and are typically very bulky, so compared to the Arctis Pros, using them on the go doesn't make much sense. That being said, both headphones have similar sound profiles, and although they are closed, they both have an excellent sound field. The comfort of the Astro A50

stands out among other products. Although your ears will get a bit warm over time, its cushioning performance is the best I have ever used. Build quality stands out once again from Corsair, Sennheiser and SteelSeries, they are so durable it is instantly noticeable.

If you can afford the high asking price, I highly recommend the Astro A50 Gen4 Wireless Gaming Headset. They allow me to fully immerse myself in a game where audio is king. I have never heard so many location indications. If you are looking for a gaming-only headset, the Astro A50s is my first choice. The

Astro A50 gaming headset is one of the best premium options on the market. For anyone wanting wireless internet access, you won't be disappointed, these are just great.

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