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The multiple sources are expected to be assisthed in the myths of Northern Europe, such as 2018 Odyssey, with Ubisoft, an odyssey 2018, respects the history and culture of the country surrounded by Aegean. It is widely known as

rumors are now up and down the vine for a while as last year. Apart from the normal buttocks of "Insider" of "Insider", the game is a game ceremony of the game Outlet Kotake, the game confirmed that the game requested Viking Jason Schreier, there was a courtesy courtesy courtesy.

Even so, we have never heard of the relations of the Ubisoft developers. Since we will enter the advertisement season / leakage of the belief of Prime Assassin, soon, soon, as soon as possible, as today, if you think it is believed new rumors

It was previously recommended

to the industry industry, the ninja of accredited information recommended this week before it was announced today before yesterday. To be accurate, he has revealed "Xbox, Assassin and Sony beliefs. This indicates that the releases of Croszengen can be on the card.

Add more reliability to rumor is China's social networking sites written by Ubisoft China, Weibo Post. The publication says that developers have made a presentation for GMT GMT today. It is written more and less than an hour from now on.

Other News from Assassin's Creed, France YouTuber J0nathan found the Amazon List of Germany for Assassin Creed Nove, Sled for Launch for Launch on November 17. Approximately one month after the launch of the novel. The proposal is that the beliefs of asesin for the Viking world can begin at the early stage of China.

We recommend that you approach this the last one with pinch, but he is sure he is sure that Ubisoft ad. We should not be known anymore.

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