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MMORPG, you either love them or hate them. I love you, I always love you. Any opportunity that I spend time creating characters, exploring the open world and experiencing the lawless state of voice chat is an opportunity I want to seize. So when I first started working on this article, I was already very excited. Ashes of Creation will become a new type of MMORPG, the things you do can really shape the world you play, not just another checkbox in the task list.

In its current form, Ashes of Creation is still in beta testing, which means we don’t have any reliable versions from creators. However, this means you can still test all aspects of the game while you wait. They are currently running a public beta, which they call the Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse. In this limited version of the game, they allow first-time users to test the game system and help them find and correct any errors.

However, you cannot log in at this time. They only allow access during the scheduled playback session. The beta may not have all the features of the full game and it will definitely be buggy, but if you can't wait to experience this epic MMO game, it's a good choice. Version

Battle Royale of the game is now available through Steam Early Access, so you can experience a small part of the game. Some fans are still dissatisfied that the MMO they support on Kickstarter is still just a PvP game, but they hope we can get the full version asap.

When the game starts, you will arrive in a "fallen world unaffected by civilization." Your job is to build an empire, create a community, or whatever else you wish. As a whole, the decisions players make will shape the world into what they want. Every server is different; no two worlds are the same.

Like most fantasy games, you have four races and eight sub-races to choose from when creating a character; human Aela (Kaelar and Vaelune subspecies), Pyrian Elves (Empyrean and Py`rai subspecies), Kaivek Orcs ( Ren`Kai and Vek subspecies) and Dünzenkell Dwarves (Dünir and Niküa subspecies). Every game has a background story, so you can incorporate it into your game, which is a blow to RPG fans.

You can also choose from eight main professions, which are typical RPG systems: Mage, Summoner, Priest, Bard, Warrior, Tank, Ranger, and Rogue. As you progress, you can also add an auxiliary class to open up the possible construction to a total of 64, providing you with plenty of space for character construction and customization.

Like any MMORPG, the game consists of multiple levels. In "The Ashes of Creation", these levels can be divided into three categories; world building, missions and battles.

Different regions of the world are ready for development. Players can purchase these areas and develop them in any way they choose. Whether you want to create a small settlement or a huge metropolis, the choice is yours. Or you can stay away from civilization altogether and choose to live a lonely life in the desert. But be careful. Without the protection of the established city, you will be at the mercy of nature.

is an MMORPG, there must be a task, otherwise it won't count. However, unlike AoC, the preset chain of tasks can be changed according to the way players shape the world around them. The game promises to continue to evolve as it develops; If this is true, it will be truly amazing. When your mission is set as a world-changing event, it always annoys me and then restarts to prepare for the next player. This game is expected to avoid this situation so I will definitely listen.

Whether you are a fan of PvP or not, you cannot say that fighting is an important aspect of these games. The Ashes of Creation battle can be divided into three different fields; players vs. Players, players to the environment and siege. For normal MMO players, PvP and PvE will be the same bed but different dreams. The only thing here is the siege.

If a group of players manages to protect their castle, they will have to protect it from the rest of the server. These massively multiplayer siege options are definitely something you have never experienced before. I know how crazy team raids can be in a game like World of Warcraft, but what is the chance of having a castle in the end? Very cool.

The independent prequel to create ashes is still in beta, but anyone can join and give it a try. They recently released some game pictures from their Alpha version for our investigation. To say the least, the pictures they posted were disappointing. The battle looks awkward, and the camera angle seems inappropriate in most cases. The screen layout of the

MMO looks pretty standard, but so does the attack. Given the wide range of course options to choose from, some of my people expect to be different in this regard. However, before the final product is announced, we cannot be sure how many changes will be made.

I'm still excited and curious about this premise, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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