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Imagine the appearance of various performance transmissions on Sony's performance performance, we assume that we can have a small game of puzzle adventures at the beginning of our first: Simple Story. dif4cwfm

Luminescence trailer is such that it is being able to run, and the witch with surprising nordic vocal swelling as it is immersed in a truck of rapture 3 is seen as it is He strip directly to the Skeligia Islands. At this point, there is still no surprise, but the style of art is beautiful.

The Turning Index character Seductively, Bonsai of Falling Fellows (probably dead) Landscape Traverse will receive a snowman, so I receive a huge mountain and I raised plans with the plan of Okinoyama and Ridge before, a huge botanical garden visited a huge garden Mountains before pouring. A look at a large group of dark skk cars that crawls with a translucent eye is a look at a dark skka car.

THATEGAMACHOMPANY TIPS (Travel and Sky Famel) Tips This visual and the tone are packed in two short trailers. There is also a uniform imitation of Rime and Ori and Blind Forest, which is not bad for our estimate.

Floygling Barcelona Studio Piccolo begins and his stories are interesting. Three members creating were announced for more than 20 years, but it was a decision knew of obtaining everything to obtain all the rights to go in the Relendeer of Pretending.

Piccolo GM Alexis Corominas, "You must face a catastrophic tragedy, as well as protect the moment of happiness. If it is not enough, you will be the time of your will, we hope that the gift will be doubled."

Surgery: PlayStation 4 Since a simple story is being stered by the launch of March 3 on March 3, we are for themselves, you do not have to wait for a charming trip.

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