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AOC's AGON series is a dedicated gaming department of the brand. If you are involved in marketing, you should know that AGON is a classical Greek term meaning "competition",

. So naturally we hope to get some answers here. AOC offers some interesting gaming monitor options at a much lower cost than popular brands like Asus, so we wanted to see how its AG322QC4 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor compares.

This model is designed to provide an immersive responsive experience at the same time. The main features are 1440p resolution, VA panel, Freesync 2 and 144Hz refresh rate. The game's features don't stop there, the overall build quality looks and feels great. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the panel's color accuracy, responsiveness, panel uniformity, and gaming potential.

AOC AGON AG322QC4 is very well packaged when it arrives and like most modern displays it is divided into two parts. Unlike many modern monitors, this is not a tool-less design, but it is still simple to assemble. You only need a Phillips screwdriver to install the panel on the vertical part of the bracket. The product comes with a package of accessories, mainly its cables, for example; DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0 and analog audio cables. You'll also get your powerhouse and an external OSD controller. To be honest, it looks and feels cheap and may not be on your desk.

Before we get into the technical aspects of the panel, let's first take a closer look at the overall design, build quality, and main functions of this display.

Although the overall design of the AOC AG322QC4 is black, it has a distinct "gamer" touch that may surprise some of you. The huge "AGON" branding is on the front and in the middle, sandwiched between two replaceable LED light strips. When in a dark room, these light strips will lightly illuminate the table. In addition to these rather sophisticated design features, the large VA panel and slim display bezel are also very reasonably styled. Also, the stand isn't complicated or cheap-looking, giving it an edge over most AOC monitors I've been lucky enough to use in the past.

As mentioned above, the main design point of the panel comes from the 31.5-inch 1800R curvature, which makes your look stand out and will definitely catch your eye. There is a large gray panel on the back and two light strips, which will match the color you set in the OSD and illuminate the wall in a dark room.

I must say that while giving it a go and doing my best to find the fault, I was impressed with the build quality of this monitor. The panel is wrapped in plastic, but it does not bend at all. It is very strong, which makes the screen not only look high-quality, but also feel good. The build quality of the

bracket, almost entirely made of metal, has been improved. Although the mount is not my favorite, it is very sturdy due to its three-prong design and heavy weight. The adjustable function, which I will discuss in detail later, is very smooth and feels great, which means that I can easily adjust the monitor to the position I want.

AG322QC4 panel has the same anti-reflective coating as AOC CQ32G1, with 3H matte hardness. This kind of coating can indeed handle excessive illumination from the external world or internal light sources very well. I have been testing monitors in the new office closest to the windows and I must say that my ability to work/play during the day has left a deep impression on me.

As mentioned above, the slim bezel on the AG322QC4 does add beauty to the already attractive display. This will be considered almost frameless, the size of the plastic frame is about 3 mm, and the black border around the panel is 6 mm, for a total of 9 mm. The upper part is the same, the lower part has a 2527 mm frame, and the thickest part bears a logo.

This design makes AOC AGON AG322QC4 a reliable choice for dual-monitor and triple-monitor setups for gaming and general-purpose workstations. The

stand design has the aesthetics that I prefer. It does not take up much desktop space compared to some stands, but it is much more compact than the standard ASUS ROG stand.

This stand includes all necessary adjustments to place the monitor in the perfect position. The height adjustment range is 110mm and the maximum height can reach 635mm (including the bracket). The monitor also has an extensive tilt adjustment function that can be used with height when trying to reach the perfect position. The maximum forward tilt setting is 5.5 degrees and the maximum backward tilt setting is 29 degrees. The

bracket also allows for left and right rotation, which is a fairly standard 30 degree maximum rotation, which can round out the general adjustment options.

It is worth noting that AG322QC4 does not have horizontal / vertical rotation. All

inputs are fairly easy to access, but it’s worth noting that the DisplayPort cable that comes with the monitor is a bit cumbersome because there is enough room for direct access without any effort. The

AOC AGON AG322QC4 has 2 DisplayPort 1.2 connections, one HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 ports, and one VGA port. Of course, you should use DisplayPort or HDMI 2.0 to take full advantage of the high resolution and fast refresh rate of the panel. In other words, you can use HDMI 1.4 to achieve 144Hz, but this will be 1080p resolution, which would be a blasphemy.

Other inputs include a 3.5mm I/O port, 2 USB 3.0 ports (downstream) and 1 USB 3.0 port

It is better, but once you get used to it, it is a very useful feature for adjusting panel colors and general settings. The joystick that controls the OSD is in the middle, just below the logo, it's a button. By moving in one of the four directions, you can quickly access a combination of useful and useless functions, such as crosshairs, changing LED colors, changing monitor modes, and changing inputs.

To access the OSD menu, press the up button to open six options: game settings, brightness, image settings, color settings, extra and OSD settings.

In the game settings, you can change the game mode, which has presets for various game types (such as FPS, racing, and some other game types). You can also add a frame counter or adjust the volume here.

HDR will automatically turn on, but if you want to turn it off, you can navigate to "Picture Settings". Brightness will allow you to adjust contrast, brightness, gamma and some other useful presets.

To change the LowBlue mode or adjust the color temperature, you must go to the color settings. We tested three of the five available color temperature presets, including normal, cool, warm, sRGB, and user. The last three were tested in depth.

Now let's talk about image quality and color accuracy, which are the two most important factors in making gaming monitors a great monitor.

Initial test with AG322QC4 was a bit impressive and surprising in the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, it's not particularly obvious to the eyes, but the first impression is that this monitor is remarkably vivid.

Initial testing showed that the white spot was missing and it was a little different than what we expected. The blacks are not terrible, but at 0.0647 cd / m², they are not as deep as we expected from the VA panel. The gamma value is also inappropriate at 2.05. sRGB provides slightly better results in some areas, and the contrast is still fairly close to the warm color settings out of the box. The white point is better, but far below our expectations, but at 0.1385 cd / m², the black point is more than twice as bad. One thing to note is that in sRGB mode, its brightness customization is limited.

In User, we saw the best results among the three tests. The contrast is closer to the advertisement and higher white point, but the results are still disappointing. Because these are the best of the three, the user profile is used for the calibration process. In the user profile, you can fully control the customization of red, blue, green, and brightness, which makes it ideal. To calibrate this monitor, we adjusted the RGB settings until they were as close to reality as possible. The calibration results and in-depth sRGB testing are shown below.

Although we calibrated the monitor correctly, we set the RGB to 18/39/54 and got the result we wanted. The white point is close to the point of 6519K, as is the gamma, only a perfect score of 2.18. The average delta value after calibration is quite different, from 4.98 points to 0.36 points, while the contrast decreases slightly. After

calibration, we perform a panel uniformity test to verify the brightness and color uniformity of the entire panel. The center square is used as a reference, and then all other squares are tested for differences.

Ideally, we want all squares to have a green frame, because this represents almost perfect uniformity.

Our previous results show the 5 x 5 grid test we performed on the AG322QC4 panel. As you can see, the monitor performed very well in this test and the lower left area shows the biggest difference. Except for the two squares that exceed the nominal tolerance, we are very satisfied with the actual uniformity of this panel, always displaying accurate colors and brightness.

AOC AGON AG322QC4 is equipped with a VA panel, it is not surprising that the viewing angles are very good. You'll start to notice some color / contrast differences when viewing with absolute extremities, but it rarely looks this way in the real world, so overall, pretty cool.

For display calibration, we used DisplayCal software, and provided sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCI P3 color gamut coverage and volume figures. The results are as follows: The

AG322QC4 specification advertises a color gamut volume of 120%, but our calibration test shows that it is 128.3%, which covers 99.8% of the sRGB color space

, which exceeds the advertised value. Adobe RGB and DCIP3 are equally impressive, at 82.1% and 88.2%, respectively. The calibration number shown above

means that potential users who are very important to color accuracy can easily recommend this gaming monitor. After the

monitor is calibrated and tested, it's time to test it with various games. The display does not have the lowest response time, but the 4ms in my book is at least imperceptible to my eyes. In addition, as a gamer, 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync and 1440p resolution are very attractive to me.

I tested the monitor before and after calibrating the panel. According to my personal taste, I am satisfied either way. The resolution of 2,560 x 1440p is much better than what I am used to, and it feels more immersive from the start. No matter what game I am playing, the colors are full of vitality, and I have to say that the curved panel is something I can adapt to certain games. I tested this on some FPS games and it stood out to me in more immersive shooters like Squad.

I think the title unless you resort to black bars.

To make the most of your games on this panel, you need a good mid-range GPU, after all, you want to take advantage of FreeSync technology and a high refresh rate. I use GTX 1080 Ti, so there is no problem, but unless you don’t mind adjusting other settings, you should aim for RTX 2060 Super / RX 5700 XT.

In general, I can't say that I have encountered any ghost images in all games and would love to play this. Counterattack is the only exception.

When I started using this monitor, the initial test was worrying, but the potential was clearly there, because after calibration, the monitor was excellent. As mentioned earlier, I don't mind the over-activity of AG322QC4 out of the box. Although these changes are obvious improvements, they are not so obvious.

AOC AGON AG322QC4 is clearly aimed at the gaming market, but you can’t tell when the LED light is off. The display's response characteristics and high refresh rate ensure the smoothness of the game. High resolution is another important feature of the monitor. I always recommend 1440p to most gamers. AG322QC4 shows excellent clarity. The VA panel performs well, has excellent viewing angles, and when calibrated in user mode, we see its full potential as well as excellent range coverage and volume.

This monitor has gaming capabilities and even HDR 400, which is a good choice for anyone looking to buy a new curved gaming screen.

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AOC Agon CG322QC4 provides excellent gaming and performance features on a 31.5-inch curved screen. With HDR, 144Hz refresh rate, high build quality and FreeSync 2, this provides excellent value that few competitors can match.

AOC Agon AG322QC4 Gaming Monitor

Hi, Sean,

Is it possible that you can share the ColorProfile of this monitor?

I received one as a Christmas gift and tried a variety of OSD and Windows settings, but I must say that I was very disappointed with its original color and couldn't get a clean appearance through OSD and Win10 settings. Even the Windows calibration tool is a cute little feature, but it doesn't make it look better. Chapter

What can you do for me? I am open to all the solutions you can try.

Kind regards

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