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Recently, the acclaimed "Doom Eternal" has been criticized for introducing a large number of Denuvo heat protection software installed in the game. This is not the first time that heat protection measures have become the center of backlash against a once-popular game (and we are sure it will not be the last), but why are games so widely criticized for implementing anti-cheat systems? ?How do cheating and cheating generally affect modern games? Are there cheats in modern games?

Doom Eternal Anti Cheat

Let's start with Doom Eternal and how Denuvo caused the game to decline in the player community estimates so far. First, let's see what antiheat does to the game itself.

was deployed as part of the first Doom Eternal update. Denuvo downloads are actually inevitable for those who want to continue playing Doom with the latest version installed, which means they can access multiplayer games and Online functions and other functions.

On the surface, you would not expect a feature like anti-cheat to cause such a reaction. In fact, the piracy community may sneer and look down on anti-cheat software, and many multiplayer game trolls may not be satisfied with the content it contains, but why do ordinary gamers feel upset because their games are taken away? To cheat? They, especially if they intend to play fairly?

This is because the Denuvo software that needs to be run now is so bad that some players cannot play the game. GSync crashed, causing terrible screen tearing, the frame rate dropped to a mess, and there were even reports that locking some 120hz screens to only 60hz, which is not a good thing.

So, in fact, Doom Eternal is currently being criticized by angry players (at the time of writing) is not good, they don't enjoy the game time at all. Bethesda later commented to the fan base, stating that it will be completely removed from the game, and after the update just launched, Denuvo will no longer appear in the game at all.

This is good news for PC gamers running Doom Eternal on their PC. After all, Denuvo not only affected the game, but also caused the Windows dashboard to crash and block the firewall of certain applications, resulting in update delays, antivirus scan errors, and various errors that should not be caused by any game. personal computer.

The big picture of anti-cheating

But this is just a game. We recently learned that although the Metro series is one of the early adopters of Denuvo software, it will be released in the next Metro Exodus update. Although Denuvo's DRM version is as unpopular as the software version in Doom, the reasons are different, mainly due to the drop in frame rate and endless updates.

Although the DRM version has existed since its release, the developers claimed that it was primarily to prevent product piracy in the first place (this should affect Doom Eternal, because it originally came with damaged source code, which would lead to early hacking ) Therefore, although Metro seems to have a good reason to remove Denuvo, it is always just an excuse.

In fact, anti-piracy measures are one of the main reasons for putting Denuvo and other software and DRM products into the game to ensure that the product sells well in the critical first few months of the game life cycle. The moment after launch.

It is hard for us to blame the developers for working hard to achieve this goal: the game is ultimately a product, if we want to see more of the games we like, then we must put the money in the developer's pocket. In addition, the goal of keeping the game cheat-free in multiplayer games is a good goal, and many people will agree and encourage this.

When anti-cheat software adversely affects the product itself, like Denuvo, the problem of anti-cheat software occurs. In addition, if it starts to have a broader impact on the operating system you are running, then there will be a question of whether antiheat does more harm than good, and what is the initial difference between it and malware, in addition to the following facts Use it to make the game run instead of becoming a problem to be solved like traditional viruses.

The sad truth is that once games are on the market, it is only a matter of time before they are cracked, hacked, and then deceived. It has been the way to play games since it appeared on the PC, and now there are even illegal competitions to see which pirated version can crack and load the complete game in the shortest time; illegal, yes, but it shows how committed to hacking the Internet A large part of and how they are committed to install anti-cheat. Regardless of the developer's intention, the software in the game.

With this in mind, we can argue that anti-cheat software harms the people it is trying to protect more than the people it actually appears to prevent. Chapter

Why Do People Cheat?

There really is no simple answer to why people cheat in games. The most obvious point that comes to mind is that when it comes to multiplayer games, there are a lot of players who lack the real skills to really compete independently; in these cases, they feel the need to install things like pointing robots or geckos. make it easier for them to win the game.

Obviously, this gives these particular players a huge advantage.

It's fun to enter the game with some of the best people on the scene and play much better than any of them dreamed of. In fact, for people who use cheats, it can be considered a harmless pleasure, an emotion that they do not consider other people in the game: selfish, but understandable.

Then there are claims that many of the cheaters in the game come from countries such as China and Russia. Believe it or not, many of these claims are based in reality. Whether it is personal enjoyment or a "must win" mentality, there are too many reasons why someone might join the game regardless of the rules and compete with an unfair advantage.

But in fact, the only reason I can never cheat is a sense of progress. Although it is certain that you will progress by yourself through the level system of the game, unlocking any weapon or function along with the progress system, but you will not feel that you have earned it.

Have you ever played a single player game in God mode? It's fun and you don't feel like you can touch it, but once you turn it off, you'll definitely feel like you don't know how to actually play this game - invulnerability gives you a sense of security, which means that you will always have no need to understand the mechanics. the one the game designer has spent hours thinking about; in fact, it simply robs you of the fun of the game.

is also suitable for multiplayer games. Suppose I lit my trap, jumped into the COD game, and rose to the highest level. Actually, I can't expect to disable cheating, enter the game, and be as good as other players in the same lobby. Similarly, you would not expect him to have the same game experience as a naturally upgraded person, experiencing both the ups and downs of winning the game and the low ebb of losing the game.

The old saying is good, it is not good for you, for me, this is correct in multiplayer games with cheating enabled. But this is not always the case when changing the rules of the game. Anti Cheat under


We can’t help discussing the anti-cheat effect in the game, because there is a PC game field that is very popular, but it relies heavily on file access and changes to key gameplay, and it is usually very serious. Different types of gaming experience: Modifications.

Modifying the game can mean a lot of different things for many people. For some people, this is a way to add content to the title, otherwise it may be too short, improve the texture, add additional content, or just throw Come out some crazy stuff to add to the pure fun of the mix. There are many reasons why people may want to add mods to the game, but what makes this tricky is that the basic steps taken to modify the game are the same as those used to set up cheats in a multiplayer game to break the game.

From a developer's point of view, the only way to truly prevent cheating technology from leaking into your game is to lock the source code and then implement thermal protection technology that relies on DRM to prevent cheating technology from entering your game or incurring sanctions against users. Develop or load modules.

There are two real points here. The first is that mods have been the main content of the gaming community for many years, and because heat protection software like Denuvo does not distinguish between well-intentioned fun and cheating, it may have a drastic effect. If software like Denuvo does not become more standardized and intuitive, then in the modding community in the next few years.

Suppose that in the future, anti-cheat software becomes so intrusive and controllable that ordinary gamers can no longer install modules in the main game. Software like Denuvo makes it nearly impossible for casual gamers to put their files in the game; the modding community itself may turn to things like hacking to develop different plugins that they are used to.

Really, this is a huge blow to the PC gaming community. The modification should be to increase the fun of the game and even encourage programming and interest in video game development. In fact, it's fair to say that it's not just the many people who make video games that we now know and love who have piqued your interest in game development for the first time.

Banning video game modules implemented through anti-cheat software back doors will certainly hurt not only those who like to tweak games, but also sales of games with intrusive software like Denuvo. Gaming boycotts are a common phenomenon in the gaming community. There are many reasons why PC gamers decide not to buy certain games, but anti-cheat software quickly makes it to the top of this list. Between intrusive DRM and loot boxes,

About Denuvo Such software, the second point I want to make is that you are changing the goals that you can achieve with the products for which you have acquired access rights. Although unpopular at one point, we know that clients like Steam provide special support for unauthorized game mods, consolidating game mods as additional game features, rather than illegal asset mods that need to be combated.

I mean, if you buy a game and choose to change the files on your own computer,

Confusion of well-intentioned level mods, graphical enhancements, and quality of life improvements with disruptive games and bad multiplayer hackers, especially when the same anti-cheat software can't spread the single-player cheats of a multiplayer game, they do so single player only. The gaming experience becomes excruciating, just like they did in Doom.

A fix on the horizon?

Now when I release my copy of the Master Chief Collection on Steam, I have a choice. Can I run MCC with anti-cheat enabled or disabled; this gives me the option to run mods and play homemade content. For many different games this may be the best way forward, especially those games where single and multiplayer content are equally popular, of course, when I play MCC and enter the competitive arena where points are important, I hope. there is an anti-cheat to control another player (no matter how effective it is in the current state).

On the contrary, when I want to hang out with my friends and play crazy and wacky situations, I am very happy to enjoy the existence of the mods; in fact, I encourage you, they can be a great way to extend anyone's life. games, and usually they can bring new kinds of interesting and fascinating games: look at the horse riding and the series of blades and bars.

Call of Duty is currently doing something similar, but slightly different. They are currently placing all the players suspected of cheating in their games in each other's lobby, which means that the only person cheated on is the cheater himself.

Although the effectiveness of this strategy remains to be seen (the IP change and the like, even the Gamertag changes are a challenge), some people may want the option of playing five regular multiplayer games, only to modify them immediately afterwards. the game.

The piracy issue is a question I answered bitterly: it won't go away. Of course, it can slow down and protect your initial sales, but in reality, people who want to hack games will always hack, regardless of whether their anti-piracy DRM puts them in trouble a month or a year from now. Is removing anti-cheat measures while keeping insecure software and locked source code definitely a better way to solve the piracy problem, rather than using half-baked third-party implementations like Denuvo to spoil everyone's fun?

Really, in the world of anti-cheat software, the only way out is not only to improve the software itself, but also to accept that there is a community in the gaming world that really wants to cheat and to welcome them, whether they are like target robots or not. The actual way of cheating, or just a mod that looks and acts like a cheat, but is really just a way for people to enjoy their game to a higher degree.

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