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Cherry mx red vs brown

This is good news for those looking to buy Xbox Series X later this year. Thanks to a little help from the AMD Zen 2 architecture, Xbox Series X can increase the frame rate. This may mean being able to play 4K or 120 FPS 1080p titles at 60 FPS. Xbox

boss Phil Spencer said that Xbox's decision to switch from the AMD Jaguar core to the Zen 2 core will see higher and more consistent frame rates during gameplay.

"I think we've reached a point where the game looks great on this generation of Xbox One X, and we can always do a little work to make the game look more exciting. But I want the games to be as amazing as they look. In the current generation, we don’t have it, mainly because the CPU power is insufficient compared to the GPU in the box, and it is unable to achieve the feeling and frame rate, as well as consistency or variable refresh rate. We want," Phil Spencer said.

This is the same as the CPU architecture in many of today's best CPUs. Zen 2 offers huge performance improvements, making it a strong contender for Intel's best CPU architecture.

Zen 2 is AMD’s 7nm CPU architecture, which now supports AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper series.

Zen 2 marks AMD performance and energy efficiency. This means that the power consumption requirements of Ryzen's third-generation processors will be reduced, which also means lower temperatures, thus improving overclocking capabilities.

Xbox will also join the ranks of companies like Microsoft and Sony, which will also use AMD's Zen 2 architecture in their next-generation models. Therefore, the PlayStation 5

may end up using the same technology. PlayStation 5 has adopted some of the same technologies as Xbox Series X, including the AMD 7nm CPU, SSD, and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Assuming that they will also use the Zen 2 architecture to cooperate with it, this may not be an exaggeration.

Will you buy it when you launch Xbox Series X later this year? Let us know in the comments.

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