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Check what motherboard you have

It does not contain Radeon's graphics cards in Fortnite, AMD continues dripping feeding tips by reading the future of Navi's large graphic cards. Do not exclude from all the emotion surrounding the announcement of the NVIDIA GeForce 30Series graphics card. .

Frank Ahor, Alienware Cof Comander and AMD Twitter Accounts have been published.

Tomorrow, it can be May


I love you tomorrow!

You are always


Musicarfan can recognize them from the Musical Simbólic Annie, originally inaugurated in 1977, as the letters of "tomorrow". Please return to 1998.

We know that the great navigation will arrive soon, but the exact calendar is not yet clear. Will it bring the date of launch, the official announcement or probably the official start of your campaign? Only time will tell.

The pressure certainly arrives AMD. This day is crushed to the front of the CPU recently, but if you want to go to Nvidia in a GPU career, she loves the site. Widely, Nvidia has knocked down from the park and hits it from the park, and for a sustainable healthy competition in space, I hope AMD can deliver some impressive letters.

What do you think about what you are thinking, Frank Azor is a great fan of the music calculation, or is an indication that the Official GPU campaign of the NEXT generation GPU of AMD can begin seriously tomorrow.

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