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AMD has occupied another attractive keynote discourse in Computex this year, and has provided AMD fanatics with precision about some of the most anticipated products and technologies and technologies of the last 12 months. The

most exciting ad was the arrival of Super Resolution FidelityFX technology, the AMD response to Nvidia DLSS (Deepler Ning Super Sustpling).

As previously noted, the SUP resolution or short-circuit AMD FidelityFX is an AMD response to NVIDIA DLSS. For these anxieties, the Nvidia DLSS version uses AI to increase high-level games (generally UHD 4K) at high resolution (usually UHD 4K) without a great reduction at the general performance levels they do. In comparison, the AMD version also works. Only its versions require learning the machine to execute it. This effectively reduces the hardware performance of the problem to include the unique GPU of NVIDIA.

"DLSS is already incredibly incredibly high-length-longitude of 118%. That said, the KEYNOTE speech of AMD showed a reference index of a clear hand that also illustrates the impulse performance of FidelityFX. During a keynote speech

, AMD affirms that FidelityFX provides four different "quality" modes, all single rolling. AMD's quality mode was the difference between two technologies. This provided a slight performance impulse by the striking demonstration sent by the demo of the division, each of which administers 78 FPS, respectively through 49 native FPS. About 59% Lift Performance for Demo Rigs-Rade RX 6800XT PC-Raytraping plays with resolution and smell of 4K with 4K resolution. Awesome, moderately worthy.

Use of performance modes, always see that their numbers increase exponentially, always 3 times increases (150 fps). And this will significantly affect the impact of imagination: live demonstration is not recommended.

If it was impressive enough, AMD continued to test one of the popular gpus (GTX 1060) of the competition in the same game as the epic configurations are enabled. They used the FSR quality mode to increase the FPS output of the game 41% -27 FPS at 38 FPS. DLSS runs only on RTX cards, as you can know. That is, AMD estimates an additional performance of the competitive cards that NVIDIA was in conflict (or not).

AMD has made it very clear that FSR is open source technology. Such almost all games, GPU and CPU are available. However, because it is a relatively new feature, all games do not admit it at this initial stage.

As always, developers will have to work closely with AMD to take advantage of technology, but thanks to the nature of the open source, this is always the case. AMD indicates that it means that it means that it means that it is currently addressing with new technology. The list of all the most recent games required by a more random random random of all existing and new games that support the following resolution of

AMD FidelityFX below should be directed to the game list with FidelityFX. .

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