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AMD isn't satisfied with just the finishing touches on its top Ryzen 9 3950X, it's working hard to plan for its next performance leap. The chip giant appears to be hard at work and recently completed the Zen 3 Milan architecture design process for its next line of server CPUs.

More specifically, new rumors from German news agency hardwareLUXX indicate that the next-gen Zen 3 architecture will include a new synchronous multi-threaded feature called SMT4.

SMT4 apparently plans to double the number of execution threads per core, increasing it from two to four. The Zen 2 Rome architecture has come a long way in enhancing the SMT capabilities of the first Zen design, but Zen 3 seems to go further.

Raises the issue of single threaded functionality impact, and AMD needs to balance this correctly for the enhanced SMT to be a worthwhile enhancement.

Increasing SMT throughput is not uncharted territory; in some cases, IBM helps drive up to 8 threads of execution per core. However, AMD is leading the way in increasing the SMT capacity of x86 chips with more than two threads.

As always, this is still a rumor, so skepticism is encouraged to help a lot, but if it turns out to be money, AMD will use its Zen 3 architecture to elevate server and data center CPU technology to new heights.

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