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After the news that the Zen 3 chip will be incompatible with the AMD B450 and X470 chipsets, AMD announced that it is now working to ensure that the next-generation chips are compatible with the chipset.

In a post on AMD's official subreddit, the chip giant explained that it listened to comments after the recent announcement and carefully reviewed videos, comments and tweets on the subject. AMD pointed out that Socket AM4 users obviously want a longer upgrade path, especially the Zen 3 series.

Although its so-called "considerable technical challenge" is related to the functional limitations of SPI ROM ROM. For most AMD 400 series motherboards, AMD is changing its initial decision to cut support for AMD X570 and B550 motherboards, and allows "one-way upgrades to increase processor support for B450 and X470 customers. Those with'Zen 3'architecture The next generation of AMD Ryzen changes. However, AMD has developed a plan to ensure that B450 and X470 motherboards are compatible with Zen 3.

AMD will develop code to support the Zen 3 chip in select beta BIOSes on AMD B450 and X470 motherboards. These updates will remove support for the existing Ryzen CPU to free up enough ROM space for the Zen 3 chip. They will provide a "one-way upgrade path", meaning that once updated, the motherboard will no longer support older BIOS versions.

Additionally, to avoid complicating consumer issues, these updates are only available to 400 series motherboard owners who have verified the purchase of Zen 3 processors. The rationale is that this will avoid the situation where the owner you do not have a boot processor available when updating the BIOS.

AMD pointed out that the delivery of necessary BIOS updates may vary and may not arrive in time for the release of the Zen 3 chip.

Despite this consumer-friendly change, AMD stated that Zen 3 will be the next generation to support 400 series motherboards, and any future CPU version will require a new motherboard to run.

As AMD said, there are still many details to be resolved, but the company is eager to guarantee this upgrade path for owners of B450 and X470 motherboards. With the launch of the Zen 3.

processor, AMD promises to provide more news and detailed guidance.

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