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We will review with Dr. Lisa Su, probably the latest major announcement from AMD to date, and she detailed the highly anticipated series of AMD Ryzen desktop processors powered by the new Zen 3 architecture.

We will update this page in real time when all actions occur, do not forget to listen.

Here is a brief introduction to the latest AMD Zen 3 win:

We also have a little teaser at the end. With the new Radeon GPU performance combined with 5900X

, we have come to an end. The Ryzen 5000 series will be released on November 5, done!

17.25-Borderlands 3 running at 4K on Ryzen 5900X and Radeon 6000 series, more than 60FPS and incredible quality. Big Navi demonstrated astonishing 4K performance.

17.24-Next Generation Radeon GPU-AMD RX6000 Series, "Big Navi" - The Most Powerful GPU in the AMD Trailer!

17.21-Performance at a Glance: 3950X to 5950x provide up to 29% performance in games. 5950X completely beat the competition, but AMD is particularly proud of the game's victory. The 5950X is priced at US $ 799.

1720-In the 5000 series, we saw the 5800X, which is an 8-core, 16-thread processor with improved performance of 4.7Ghz and is priced at $ 449. We also saw the 5600X with 6-core and 12-thread for just $ 299.

We also got a 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X with 32 threads and a 4.9Ghz boost clock. This CPU broke the Cinebench record with 640 points!

17.19-LOL and CSGO are outstanding victories for the new 5900XT, and customers who want to upgrade have an average increase of 26%.

17.18-Single-core performance-Cinebench results-5900X is the first processor to break 600 points, with a score of 631!

17.16-5900X and 3900XT: SOTR's built-in 1080p benchmark test shows an improvement of 28% using the latest chips. This is huge for CPU upgrades, demonstrating the power of Zen 3 games.

We see most games, and most specific games (such as CSGO) have double-digit performance improvements.

17.15-Zen 3 in Action-AMD Ryzen 5000 series-

5900X has 19% IPC, higher clock speed and all the improvements we just showed. This is a huge improvement, especially in the game!

17.15-2.8 times more efficient than i99900K. Zen 3 is shipped as promised, and 5nm Zen 4 will be launched soon!

17.15 Double the L3 cache in Zen 3

17.13-PC IPC increased by 19%

17.13-Command per clock increased by 19%

17.10-Lower latency means an important accelerator for PC games

17.09: The highest peak we can do Boost,

Significant IPC improvements, new core design, new cache topology

17.08-New Zen 3 CPU core Zen 3 improves AMD's leading position in performance and efficiency, and single-chain games have the best performance.

17.07-Ryzen! Desktop progress: Until recently we have seen steady progress, and now it is starting to take off, with the highest multi-threading performance, but AMD and Ryzen's work has not yet been completed.

02/17-A little background story of Dr. Su Lisha, more and more publicity!

17.01-We will be online soon, take a look at this space!

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