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Can you improve your pcs performance for under 50

We are only more than a week away from the release of AMD Zen 3 5900X, and the specifications have just been leaked through Tech Tuber / PC Welt in Germany.

If this leak result is accurate, AMD seems to be preparing to provide chips with higher core counts and faster clock speeds. The

specification shows that we can see 12 cores, 24 threads, and a 5 GHz boost clock on Zen 3 5900X, making it the fastest chip for a long time. The

clock frequency has always been an area where AMD has worked hard, and it may have paid off. Compared with Zen 2, the boost clock may have increased by +400MHz.

This should mean that when we get our hands, we will see some very impressive clocks tested outside of AMD's laboratory conditions.

AMD's confirmed new architecture indicates that more revenue can be made from the card, but now, as we get closer to revealing more details, this latest leak is an exciting thing. Although Intel's 10th Gen CPU slightly resolves this imbalance, they will eagerly await the opposition's first benchmark test to see exactly where the battle is heading.

With AMD's Navi GPU also released in late October, people will be turning a lot of attention to the upcoming hardware war.

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