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If you want to upgrade your gaming PC, a new CPU can make a difference. As the component responsible for reading program instructions and controlling subsequent actions, your computer's processing unit must be of good quality. The top two in

CPU games are AMD and Intel, which have been competing with each other for many years to win the favor of most people in the market.

We have high hopes for the Ryzen 7 series, which is a high-end product for enthusiastic gamers, especially since AMD is known for producing excellent CPUs. But how does it compare to Intel Core i7, which CPU family is the key to better gaming performance?

This article will introduce features such as architecture, clock speeds, cores and threads, and multitasking capabilities to determine which series can provide the most features and where to look for the next CPU upgrade.


3.6GHz / 4.4GHz

core (thread)






3.8GHz up to 5.1GHz



Take LGA1151


We touch

and We will introduce the Multitask in more detail later, but before talking about cores and threads, it's important to understand what this means in terms of CPU improvements. Essentially, the more cores your CPU contains, the more programs you can run simultaneously. The concurrent multi-threading technology used by AMD

means that the number of threads on the Ryzen 7 CPU has doubled, to 8 and 16 across the series. Intel

has a similar concept in its hyper-threaded CPU, which uses multi-threaded technology to increase the quality of performance to more standards than the actual cores contained in the CPU. However, the Core i7 series is still the weaker of the two, with only 8 cores and 8 threads at its center.

If you want the best, Ryzen 9 has more cores and threads at 12 and 16, but AMD’s Ryzen 7 CPU offers a huge improvement over previous models (such as Ryzen 3). Ryzen 3’s core The number is 4 and the number of threads is the same. AMD’s

Ryzen 7 CPU is significantly better than Intel’s i7 series, so the first round is prepared for them, but although the number of cores will undoubtedly affect performance, gamers will change the clock speed from the clock speed. Benefit more from the fast single core.

Don't underestimate Intel Core i7 for the time being, because it beats Ryzen 7 in its higher frequency capability. Even when the maximum speed is increased, its performance is better than an AMD CPU, which is great if you want to know what difference overclocking will make. The main frequency of

Ryzen 7 is 3.6GHz / 3.9GHz, which is actually higher than that of Ryzen 9 CPU, so there is not much difference between generations in terms of frame rate. It can also be increased to 4.4GHz / 4.5GHz by overclocking. However, avid gamers will notice the difference when overclocking, because Ryzen 9 provides a faster clock speed of 4.6GHz / 4.7GHz. In contrast to

, Intel i7 actually has better specifications than Ryzen 7 and 9 series, with a basic clock speed of 3.8GHz, and can be increased to 5.1GHz using Intel's Turbo Boost technology. This undoubtedly helps to increase the frame rate of the game, but does it make up for the fewer threads and reduced horsepower? Games that rely on the

GPU may not see much difference, but games like Far Cry 5 and Ashes of the Singularity prove why higher-frequency CPUs stand out in gaming. Intel Core i7 outperformed Ryzen 7 here, so it won the second round. Could the

architecture be the deciding factor among these CPUs?

The latest generation of Ryzen 7 uses the Zen3 architecture. As we have seen, it is a big improvement over previous CPUs in terms of clock speed and larger cache size. The AM2 chipset also means that it is compatible with motherboards of the past, present and future. The

10th generation Intel Core i7 CPU uses the Ice Lake architecture, and like Ryzen 7, it has a huge improvement over previous generations using the 45nm Nehalem microarchitecture. However, Ryzen 7 continues to win with increased cache capacity.

L1 cache-512 KB

L2 cache-4 MB

L3 cache-32 MB

L1 cache-64 KB

L2 cache-256 KB

L3 cache-4 MB to 24 MB shared

by increasing the high speed The size of the cache, Ryzen 7 stores more of the most commonly used commands, so they load faster, although both CPU series can run most high-end games smoothly.

As we mentioned earlier, multitasking is related to the number of threads contained in the CPU. The higher the number of threads, the better the CPU's ability to handle multitasking. For gamers, this may not be the highest priority, but if you often run other programs in the background, it is the highest priority. AMD

has long been the best choice for multitasking. For gamers who like to play their favorite Twitch videos at the same time during a game session, Ryzen 7 can easily handle multiple programs running in the background.

is not to say that Intel Core i7 is not doing well, but that fewer threads cannot compete with the Ryzen 7 series. It has twice the number, so it is twice the multitasking capacity.

speed 3.6GHz/4.4 GHz

core (thread)





speed 3.8GHz up to 5.1GHz






The improvement of the Ryzen 5 CPU means that the Ryzen 7 series has been ranked first in a row.

The CPU takes advantage of higher thread counts, higher caches, and improved multitasking.

For more serious gamers, if you want a CPU with a higher level of speed and performance, you should consider buying a Ryzen 9 series machine that is more expensive than the Ryzen 7 series entry-level machine type.

Still, it really depends on what you want from the CPU, and you can finally find a great CPU for your gaming PC in any series.

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