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Call of duty 2020 everything we know so far

Recent leaks on Twitter suggest that AMD's Future Desktop architecture Zen 3 is currently "Warol".

This was published by @mebiuw on Twitter, but as it has been eliminated. In the image, I saw something that looks like a kind of internal roadmap. In

tracking Tweets, @mebiuw has listed the following architecture: this is encoded after all famous artists. Therefore, in Belmia, use the Zen 3 architecture in the 7nm process.

We can see the first two characters in the image that seems to connect the word "Navi", but I can not say that I can think of the first characters. The

AMD Raphael seems to be associated with the AMD Zen 4 architecture, but the Navi reference is a new interesting development for the AMD desktop processor, and will have an incorporated IGPU in a suggestion, there is a possibility.

Warhol seems to come someday between Vermea and Rafael. There is no mention of this GPU image. This will suggest that it is just a regular Ryzen CPU. Currently, there is almost no information about what Warhol can involve the Warhol. We can see in the image that will be based on the Zen 3 architecture, the process of 7 nm and the PCIE4 function. None of the information is not particularly surprising for future resonna processors, so you want to listen to more information soon.

If you updated more information about any of the previous AMD architectures, it will continue to update. What do you think about AMD planning to vermea and others? We love to listen to your ideas with the following comments.

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