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AMD announced on October 8 as a date, officially show his NEXTGEN ZEN 3 popu in the world, but it is still confirmed when the public can get his hands. However, thanks to the recent leakage leaks, now we know that these chips can hit the shelf from 20 after the first ad.

Leaks come from Yuri Blibliy, a clock toner creator for reson through the Twitter account of it. He answered videocardz Tweet. In preparation for Zen 3, we discussed future BIOS updates for MSI base plates. Release date.

The problem with this new information is that it is still a rumor yet. There was no difficult evidence to support what Yuri said, and there is no confirmation of the AMD itself. However, this date has previously been previously informed by other sources, and then the plan has never been changed.

Tweet shows 5800x and 5900x, but the recent information is insinuated with four CPU alignments, including 5950x and 5600x, so it is unknown if it is released simultaneously. If you are confused about these chip names, you are not alone. AMD goes directly from 3000 services to 5000 services and decided to omit more than 4000 for the CPU (but use it for the last APU of the last APU). They like to confuse it, where they do the whererers?

This delay between its obvious days and the launch date is the highest possibility to give a copy of the early revisions to the media to review the launch date. If so, you can expect a similar release program for the GPU of the RX 6000 Future RX 6000 or Big Navi series. GPU is scheduled on October 28. This can be published someday with these graphic cards in Midnovember.

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