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Bungie job listing new game leak

It seems that there was a furtive look at AMD RYSEN 5 4500U. Currently, the current Notebook processor from AMD Ryzen 4000 is prohibited. However, the data that the overclocker has slipped can be seen in these processors of the Ryzen 4000 series of three generations at a glance of what you can expect.

The published information is about Acer SWIFT 3 S31442 Laptop published in the second half of this month.

The RYZEN 4000 users processor have been potentially raised as the main market competition between Intel ICE 10 NM ice processor and 14 NM Comet Lake processor.

Notebook has an AMD Ryzen 5 4500 CPU, with 6 cores and six threads. This chip has a basic 2.3 GHz clock and a 4.0 GHz increase clock. The characteristics of the specifications are 8 MB of L3 cache, the cache of 3 MB L2, and the clock at 3200 MHz are 8 GB of memory LPDDR 4. According to the reference point of

, Ryzen 4500u crushed more than 50% of Intel I58250U competition. This is also due to the fact that both Ryzen and Intel i58250U have the same TDP of 15W. The architecture of 7 Nm Zen 2 of AMD has a better performance to exceed Intel offers.

Boost's responsibility is an AMD integrated vega graphics card. This uses the same GPU core that the series Apu Mobile Rayzen 3000, but the performance was improved with the highest clock speed and high-speed memory. This means that Raysen 4500U and VEGA 6 GPU can supply a 59 ° sterilization speed compared to the previous Ryzen 3000 APU.

Verifications of the notebooks were performed in the Assassin Creed: 32 FPS and 37 FPS, and Grand Theft Auto V was reported at 54 FPS. This is quite impressive, considering that 4500u is a 15W laptop.

Hopefully, if you become more complete, you will think more about what these chips can really be. Until then, you should always trust these leaks that should be taken and taken.

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