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There is a rumor that AMD has changed the plan to use an EUV node of 7nm to launch a new architecture. Rumors suggest that AMD has been chosen to use the process nodes of 5 nm to start Rayzen 4000 Series.

TSMC, which manufactures AMD nodes, has launched the mass production of 5 nm wafers in April. They plan to start production in the fourth quarter extended 5 nm + node in the fourth quarter of this year. This development seems to coincide with Ryzen 4000 planned at September / October schedule.

According to Digitimes he reported first for this story, AMD can use the new TSMC node.

"Rumor adjusted the foundry and TSMC plans. It is expected to begin at the end of 2020. The series of Ryzen 4000 desktop processors using TSMC improved 5NM processor (5 nm plus) instead of 7 nm EUV," said Digitimes.

Rumor Comments, Dr. AMD CEO Lisa Su, generally as a mobile processor. It was said that they ended first. This is because they are easy to manufacture. When I talked about a node of 5 nm, she did not mention Zen 3, but Zen 4 was referred several times.

This can contradict the rumor that we are looking at the end of the year at the end of the year. Undoubtedly, it will be a good decision that the AMD changes to 5 nm. It is always interesting to guess.

Interestingly, NVIDIA is also rumored to use the TSMC 5 NM process nodes for the Hopper series. However, it seems to be a future plan. Currently, NVIDIA seems to be quite concentrated in the amp.

It seems that it seems that it seems that a small weapon can jump, but if they are true, it means that AMD will make a great statement against competition.

What do you think of this AMD rumor? Do you think we will see soon the Vermea de NM processors? We love to listen to your thoughts.

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