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Borderlands 3 system requirements

Yesterday, AMD reported that the Soexgen Zen 3 Ryzen 4000Series desktop CPU was promoted next year.

Third part of the third part of the manufacturer, the motive force of the movement was symbolic to expand the life cycle of Ryzen 3 family for its profitability. Rumors also feel that AMD is a lack of Intel's lack of competence, feeling that AMD feels enough to take the torch from 2020 to 2020, and delaying Wermare Chips will give time and space to set XT in the market. It was reported that AMD was launched between CES 2021, but this was not a suspicion of current, but now it is scheduled for the unstable nature of the pandemic that is being deployed, is in progress as

AMD has confirmed that the chip giant plans to free The chip this year, not this case. Yesterday, AMD Senior Technical Marketing Manager Robert Hallcock has been confirmed yesterday during conference calls, and the AMD launched Ryzen 4000Series CPU at the end of 2020 and verified that the card has confirmed that the card has not been delayed.

AMD persists in a positive release plan of 2020, unpredictable delay with discount, and the Resegen 4000Series Vermeer CPU will be published in the next six months. Combined with the new RATHEN 3000 XTSERIES ranking programmed to be released on July 7, 444, PC lovers will have another alternative to the 10thgen comet lakes processor of Intel, which will be selected at the end.

Ryzen 4000Series are expected to maintain an energy efficiency up to 10 ° instead of the current Zen 2 alignment, thanks to the TSMC 7 NM + process. In particular, Belmeachip is expected to compete with the Intel Games market by significantly improving the speed of frames and latency.

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