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As you leave the Patiti market, take a few steps down to the fishing area. GPU utilization has dropped 99% and the frame time graph is peaking. The first kernel reaches 100% utilization for only a brief moment, so this section says that the system does not have enough memory bandwidth.

In the end, the performance difference of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Shadow" in the Ultra settings of all the Ryzen 3000 processors of the RX 5700 XT is very small, and any difference can be explained simply by the difference between the executions.

provides a wide range of graphics settings, GTA V can be adjusted to run on low-end hardware, but still emphasizes high-end systems with advanced graphics options (such as extended distance scale and extended shadow distance). The

Pass 4 with built-in landmarks best illustrates the real game of flying, driving, and scripted action sequences that end with a collision with a tanker. Under random traffic conditions, each run is unique, and even on the same hardware, you can see different performance statistics; this is especially obvious in fuel truck accidents, where nearby vehicles will also explode. The

very high setting is used with 2x MSAA, the lawn quality and environmental occlusion are set to high, the "high detail transmission during flight" is turned on, and the "extended distance ratio" and "extended shadow distance" are set to 50%. These settings provide high fidelity and a smooth gaming experience.

Based on RAGE, GTA V likes frequency and thread count. It is obvious from the bar graph that the engine can use additional cores and threads for 3700X, 3800X, and 3900X, while the average frame rate is 115, 116, and 118FPS, which is 68 times higher than the 6-core 3600. And 3600X. The lows of

1% and 0.1% are quite similar in the whole group, but the 3800X and 3900X lead with the fastest clock speeds with a low of 1%. You can't get the performance of more than 8 cores, and motors seem to prefer frequency now. The

GPU utilization rate was unstable throughout the benchmark, dropping to 50% in some cases, hovering around 80% on average. The first four CPU cores are heavily used, but threads seem to do very little work, sometimes reaching 25%. When using "High Detail Transmission While Flying", the jet part of the benchmark emphasizes the memory system, which is highly dependent on bandwidth to transmit detailed objects quickly; It seems that the 3200MHz CL16 memory is here to hamper the potential of the high-end Ryzen 7. and Ryzen 9 components.

Using our modified "very high" settings, Grand Theft Auto V produces a similar display effect across the entire Ryzen 3000 series. When used with the RX 5700 XT, there is no benefit to anything other than the Ryzen 5 3600. The

tutorial sequence begins with a beautiful distant forest scene, scattered across peaceful Aptonoth. Our hunters continued to follow the Handler and helpful scouts on our way to Astera. Along the way, we met a group of Jagras, hiding is our only choice. Before the head of the field team jumped in to help, a large Jagras attacked the Handler. As our hunters jumped to safety, the landmark building ended with a turf war between Great Jagras and Anjanath.

This title which is very demanding on graphics provides a long drawing distance, volume rendering and some alpha effects for the graphics card.

Another game with high graphics requirements, this time based on Capcom's MT framework engine. In terms of 1% lows and average frame rates, there is almost no statistical difference between the processor lineups. In this set, the 8-core and 12-core components provide a 0.1% low of more than 11% compared to the 6-core components; 3700X's 47FPS can only be explained as a performance difference. The CPU core utilization rate is high and the thread usage is moderate, but the Radeon card runs at a speed of 99, which makes the Ryzen CPU difficult. Due to the higher graphics settings, the difference in gaming experience between AMD's Ryzen 3000 series processors is negligible.

Since 2000, "Total War" has released a large number of turn-based strategy games. Warhammer II is the most acclaimed version in 2017, and it's still penalized on modern high-end hardware, which can be seen in three built-in benchmarks: Battle, Campaign, and Skirmish. The slower gameplay of strategy games means that gamers prefer image quality at high frame rates, so the Ultra setting is used, but the 2x anti-aliasing and Porthole quality are set to 2D in real games. In small-scale battle and battle modes, there are hundreds of units on the screen. Each unit has its own shadow and AI, as well as the large vegetation drawing distance in battle. The game requires high CPU and graphics cards.

Note: Use the DX11 API instead of DX12 as it provides better lows of 1% and 0.1%, resulting in a smoother, lag-free experience.

Looking at Battle's benchmark test, we can see that the higher frequencies of the Ryzen 7 3800X and Ryzen 9 3900X produced the smoothest gameplay of the lot, with the low of 0.1% increased by 8%. Otherwise, the performance is the same. Since the system is completely limited by the GPU, this event provides an indistinguishable performance profile. During operation, one or two CPU cores will often peak at 100% utilization, but this has nothing to do with performance. Finally, the skirmish. The 0.1% and 1% lows are closely linked and are slightly better for higher-core CPUs. Also, the average frame rate is within the margin of error, so the player experience is the same regardless of the processor. The research lens found that the thread of this title made the smallest contribution, with the first two cores being the most affected. In the Skirmish benchmark test, there was a drop in GPU utilization.

If the CPU core has not reached 100% utilization for a long time, memory bandwidth is likely to become a problem again. All CPUs will provide an excellent gaming experience for Warhammer II and its high graphics fidelity. This

A few game modes were tested and the built-in benchmark eventually became the most onerous scene in the game. The camera scanned the house at midnight. Just before going to the front, there was an explosion, and the camera was turned to face the hostage situation in a room with a static character model. When the second explosion blew a hole in one wall of the room, the camera moved on. When we walked through the door to the outside and looked out onto the street, the benchmark was over.

Rainbow Six Siege is a fully optimized title with a very high frame rate. With the exception of the Ryzen 5 3600, all 0.1% and 1% lows are concentrated around 160FPS; these are slower by 11% and 6%, respectively. The operating speed is 200 MHz slower than the 3600X and 3700X. The lower clock speed may be the reason here. The game makes full use of reasonable use of cores and threads. Video analysis shows that Radeon cards once again limit the performance of these CPUs; 99% of GPU usage is continuous and 100% of CPU core usage is rarely seen. In order to get the highest frame rate in this competitive online game, it is recommended to use Ryzen 5 3600X and higher.

The first checkpoint of Lijiang Tower can watch the battle between two teams of six robots without interruption. The limited area, as well as many alpha transparency effects from attacks, shields, and healing, and additional AI overload for all 12 robots, led to the worst-case benchmark. The health value is set to 500%, and powerful robots have been added to carry out a two-minute fierce battle between teams. Due to the nature of the game, each game is different, but for two minutes, it is enough to show the trend of performance.

For the highly competitive Overwatch games, the 3700X and higher have proven their worth by offering an average frame rate of 513 ter, depending on the CPU in question. The 1% low is about 14% less, but the 0.1% low is roughly the same (ignoring the unusually high 108 FPS of the 3700X-the performance is different every run, due to this obvious result error).

Overwatch uses a lot of CPU cores and loads a lot of cores 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8, but the threads are still underutilized. In the fierce firefight, it is rare for a core to fail to reach 100% utilization. This is a game benchmark test that is completely related to the CPU. Unfortunately, the additional cores and threads of Ryzen 9 3900X are rarely used. In addition, this title does not seem to benefit from the additional 200MHz of the Ryzen 7 3700X, but this may be due to differences in each run.

Repeat function is used for this cue point. Our resident professional player Shaun participated in the Squad FPP (first-person perspective) competition, but eventually parted ways with the team. Despite the obstacles, he eventually killed two players and witnessed a cannon attack that eliminated the third driver player.

PUBG is a notorious unoptimized game, it has a ubiquitous stuttering phenomenon, and the performance difference between low and super graphics settings is very small. For smoke and flames, the graphics card must be good at handling alpha and particle effects, fragile objects like fences provide a small amount of physical work, and run around on the map to test data transmission capabilities.

Obviously, the main frequency of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds favors the CPU core frequency, 4.4GHz 3600X and up to 120FPS-8 times higher than 4.2GHz 3600. The 1% low is also over 20! PUBG makes full use of four cores, but at least uses additional cores and threads. In the run-time instance, the GPU utilization drops and the CPU cores are not frequently used at 100%, which indicates that there is a memory bandwidth bottleneck. The

Succinct benchmark test lasts only 40 seconds, using the replay of the ESEA game, in which our CS: GO fan Charles is waving M4A1S and throwing high-explosive grenades. The terrorists threw smoke bombs to cover their positions, but it was over in less than a minute, and the counter-terrorists won.

This competitive online game was launched for free in early December 2018. Avid gamers are pursuing high frame rates to achieve the lowest input delay. A combination of high settings is used because they provide a competitive advantage: high effects and shadow details allow players to see through Molotov flames more clearly; higher shadow quality makes enemy shadows farther apart; 2x MSAA reduced Annoying resistance from the hard side.

Note: Repeat the 3600 and 3900X benchmark tests and produce similar results. This is an abnormal benchmarking behavior that may be caused by the replay function. The actual performance of the game is more consistent with other CPUs, so it must be assumed.

makes full use of all three cores, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has not benefited from the high core count provided by the Ryzen 5, 7 and 9 series. The performance of the Ryzen 3000 series is basically the same, with a average frame rate up to 250 FPS. 3600 is the slowest of 255FPS, depending on its lowest clock speed.

Having said that, the 3900X didn't run away due to its higher boost clock, and it only achieved trivial wins on other AMD components. Many times when the CPU and GPU core utilization are below 100% indicate a bottleneck elsewhere in the system; this again indicates a memory bandwidth problem. Overall, with the mixed graphics settings used here, in conjunction with the RX 5700XT, there is almost no difference between the processors in competing CS: GO games.

The search for the intensive and representative Dota 2 benchmarks resulted in the article "Benchmarking Dota 2" by layerth, medium. The demo file is game 3787212636 between Inknown and VGJ: Thunder in the semi-finals, GESC: Jakarta Minor.

The sequence contains a lot of alpha particles and effects, which cause a heavy workload on the CPU and graphics card. The "Best Look" setting was used and the benchmark test was run with the Direct3D 11 renderer because it provides the smoothest experience with best lows of 1% and 0.1%.


And it should be assumed that way. The

GPU utilization ranged around 50% in benchmark tests and sometimes peaked at 70% on demanding parts with heavy particles and alpha effects. Although the threads are relatively idle, a reasonable load has been observed on many cores of the Ryzen processor. In addition to low GPU usage, it is common to see one or two cores 100% pegged, showing that benchmarks with CPU constraints are highly dependent on the number of cores until the frequency is critical. Looking at the graph tests the hypothesis. The average frame rate of the two six-core Ryzen processors is even worse, 0.1% lower. The 3700X and 3800X achieved the same number, while the 3900X barely won with an average frame rate of 175FPS.

AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X and higher should be considered for competitive DOTA 2 games, which produce a smoother gaming experience and a higher average frame rate than the six-core components.


3.9GHz / 4.5GHz

Core (Thread)







on Amazon Those Ryzen paired with Radeon0 RX processor or Radeon0 RX equivalent GPU series 3000 is absolutely satisfied with the performance. Although the Ryzen 9 3900X did not exceed the product lineup, it barely won in all test games, providing high frame rates and the smoothest gaming experience, partly because of the 72 MB "Gamecache". Its higher 4.6GHz boost clock also contributes to lighter-threaded games such as CS: GO.

Unfortunately, our test package also emphasizes that many modern games use no more than 8 cores, and older games hardly need more than 4. In other words, the productivity of the 12-core processor is unparalleled in its price range. , and those who want to do more than games should look for it. The additional cores will also benefit those who wish to play games on a single machine and stream them to platforms like Twitch.


3.6GHz / 4.4GHz

Core (threads)






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8 cores 16 threads, Ry03709X below Ry0309X. The boost clocks are 4.4GHz and 4.5GHz respectively, and aside from 40W TDP and $ 70, there is almost no difference between these two processors.

It is obvious from the table that these processors can be distinguished from the cheaper six-core Ryzen 3600 and 3600X, but they only lead by 6% in GTA V and only 5% in Witcher 3. This requires two additional cores for the open world games with high graphical benefits are few. Only in games like "DOTA 2" and "Overwatch" did we see an average frame rate increase of 6% and 12%, respectively. The former increased significantly in the lows of 1% and 0.1%, which made the gaming experience even better. Gentle. Offering almost the same performance (some charts indicate the difference is due to differences between runs), when the 3700X can be bought for the 3800X for a lower price of $ 70, there is little reason to invest in the 3800X.

Money can be spent on other parts of construction; for example, on faster memory or better AIB graphics cards. Only those who are interested in single player game lovers of competitive online games like "Overwatch" and "DOTA 2" or open world games like "The Witcher 3" and "GTA V", we recommend buying the 3700X instead of the much cheaper Ryzen 5 3600.


3.6 GHz / 4.2 GHz

Core (thread)






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Ryzen 5 3600 for less than half the price of 3900X, at We perform well in our comparative tests. It provides the weakest performance of the Ryzen 3000 series, but provides similar performance in games that require more graphics, such as Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. PUBG shows that it is lower than other CPUs in terms of smoothness and original frame rate, which may be due to its lower Boost clock of 4.2GHz.

This also extends to other games, such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, where frequency is the key. The 3600X adds 200MHz out of the box, but it is difficult to justify the additional $40 it requested. We only recommend the 4.4GHz 3600X to those who don’t want to try overclocking or are in the $10 range. Those looking for the best price CPU for performance should only look at Ryzen 5 3600.

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