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It appears that AMD is trying to quickly increase the clock speed of the RX 5600 XT ahead of its launch this month. This is reportedly a counterattack to Nvidia's recent price cuts of its RTX 2060, meaning the GPU battle has already started in 2020.

Nvidia has cut the price of the RTX 2060 to US $ 299 (£ 299). 275 in the UK). This is a price reduction of around 15% and it seems to worry AMD a bit. This may even mean that if AMD can't hit the clock speed they seek in time, they will lower their prices on their own. However, according to a report by Videocardz, AMD is not currently considering price cuts. Instead, your answer is to improve the performance of the RX 5600 XT card before its release. It is speculated that AMD

will achieve this through its new BIOS for GPU manufacturers, which will increase the total board power (TBP) from 150W to 160W. This should mean that clock speeds can be increased and overall performance can be improved.

We even have detailed information on the growth reported through Sapphire's RX 5600 XT Pulse graphics card. Previously, the card's clock frequency was 1,560MHz and 1,620MHz to increase the clock speed. Now, it appears that the graphics card clock frequency is 1.615MHz and 1.750MHz to increase the clock speed. The

memory clock now also appears as 14 Gbps, higher than 12 Gbps. But all other specifications remain unchanged.

Even with these graphics card changes, it is questionable where the 5600 XT enters the market with its competitors. In terms of competitive price or performance, is it enough to stand out? The

5600 XT was originally in response to the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, but now Nvidia has lowered the price of the RTX 2060, and the AMD card looks a bit less attractive in terms of price. It is now much cheaper than Nvidia's products. The question remains whether the performance is sufficient to make it attractive to consumers.

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