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It looks like Sony just revealed some unexpected news about what AMD has been planning.

Sony revealed information about AMD PS5 Navipowered when talking to Wired.

Mike Cerny said: "There is ray tracing acceleration in GPU hardware." So there doesn't seem to be any room for doubt or misunderstanding here. He was very frank about the news, which shocked many people.

This means that we know that at least one AMD Navi GPU will support ray tracing next year. However, how will this affect AMD desktop graphics cards?

We already know that ray tracing will apply to AMD's next generation graphics card: Navi 20. These graphics cards will compete with Nvidia's high-end products, something they have been hard at work on in the past

However , AMD made it clear that they are building a graphics card for "everyone", which can include ray tracing. This may mean that AMD will (hopefully) release a number of new graphics cards for desktop users using the technology. This is expected to give consumers a better option when buying graphics cards in the future.

However, it seems unlikely that AMD will manufacture GPUs in the Scarlett project on PS5 or Xbox that support ray tracing.

We don't know more at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see what AMD will announce in the coming months. With additional information on the next generation of game consoles, it will certainly suffice, and we may get more advice on what AMD should provide. This may not be the only trick they have to hold their own. Once we hear more information, we will notify you in time.

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