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Black friday gaming pc deals

AMD's keynote address at Computex 2021 focused on gaming laptops, and they stated that sales in 2020 have increased by 27% compared to 2019. The

Red Team discussed the energy efficiency provided by their RDNA 2 architecture. , which is building a key laptop to ensure stable performance, and discussed the general improvement of gaming laptops under its AMD Advantage design framework. The most important thing is the introduction This is your high-end mobile series graphics card: 6000M series.

Below is a list of all the information we currently know about the new AMD laptop graphics cards.

For Nvidia's RTX 3080, AMD claims that the card can provide 120 FPS performance at 1440p at maximum settings.

AMD's own benchmarks show that the 6800M matches or outperforms the FPS RTX 3080 in a small number of games, although they should be very cautious before third-party testers conduct their own benchmarks.

Even if third-party tests show that AMD’s claims about card performance compared to the 3080 laptop version are exaggerated, you can expect laptops equipped with AMD products to be much cheaper. For example, the ASUS ROG G513 Advantage Edition is $500 cheaper than the RTX 3080 when equipped with the RX 6800M, which is a huge difference. At current prices, a laptop equipped with the RX 6800M seems to be cheaper than the RTX 3070, and the RX 6800M can definitely beat it.

Core/Compute Unit: 2560/40

Game Clock: 2300 MHz


Memory Bus: 192-bit

Infinite Cache: 96 MB

Power Target: 145 W + 4424 Years Expected from June to 4424 Design usability: Using the RTX 3070 portable version (although we haven't seen any benchmark tests between this card and competitors), AMD claims that the Radeon RX 6700M can provide 100 FPS games at 1440p at maximum settings.

Core/Compute Unit: 2304/36

Game Clock: 2300 MHz


Memory Bus: 160-bit

Infinite Cache: 80MB

Power Target: 135W Estimated

44 3060 laptop version, we will again in the keynote speech I haven't seen any benchmarks for this card, but AMD stated that they want the GPU to be able to handle 100 FPS when gaming at the maximum 1080p setting.

Core/Compute Unit: 1792/28

Game Clock: 2177 MHz


Memory Bus: 128-bit

Infinite Cache: 32MB

Power Target: 100W

Expected to be compatible with GPU

is now compatible with all GPUs New AMD Radeon software: Radeon Chill, which actually means that you can fine-tune GPU power consumption by providing a specific FPS performance cap to maximize the battery life of your laptop. This and many other features in the

AMD Advantage design framework are designed to improve the power efficiency and overall gaming performance of AMD laptops. For laptop gamers, this is an exciting time!

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