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Black friday computer deals 2020

Update December 12, 2019: The embargo was lifted and AMD Radeon 5500 graphics cards started showing up in retailers for purchase. Let's start opening stores!

AMD officially announced that they will release a budget GPU for the 1080p gaming market, namely Radeon 5500 and Radeon 5500XT graphics cards. These GPUs are designed to compete directly with Nvidia's 1650 series GPUs and also include next-generation GDDR6 memory.

For more information on Radeon 5500 series GPUs, check out our news report here. This page is used to find out where you can buy AMD Radeon 5500 series graphics cards, and we will continue to update this page as we always find the retailer link.

So far, we know that AMD will release 5500 GPUs in OEM pre-built laptops and machines, such as MSI's latest Alpha 15 gaming laptop. As for the discrete GPU release date, we are currently unsure and AMD has been working hard to post announcements about it.

You can also check out UK Overclockers here, but they haven't published a product page yet.

If anyone wants to meet a specific retailer or find a retailer link, please share it in the comment section below.

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