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AMD recently released two new Navi 14 graphics cards for gamers and professional users.

Navi 14 is a 7nm GPU with 24 computing units. The mobile series may eventually have up to 22 CUs, and Radeon Pro 5000M will be the first to launch Navi 13 with 24 CUs.

AMD has prepared Radeon Pro 5500M and 5300M for Macbook Pro users. According to AMD's website, its Radeon Pro 5000M series is for those who want to increase efficiency in the office or on the go.

AMD announced that they will begin with the Radeon RX 5300M series and will add the third layer of Radeon mobile discrete graphics to their product line. The

has the same number of cores as the RX 5500M, and the clock speed of the AMD RX 5300M is much lower, from 300 to 400MHz.

Compared to the 4 GB memory contained in the RX 5500M, this new model also has less memory, that is, 3 GB GDDR6 memory. Another key difference is that the SKU bus is also narrower, 96 bits. The AMD Radeon Pro 5000M

series is built in a way well suited for 3D content creation and video editing. The main features of the

chip include the use of 7nm technology and lower power, faster and smaller transistors, GDDR6 memory,

RDNA and Metal support optimized for content creators. Compared to Radeon RX

, Radeon Pro will be equipped with slower GDDR6 memory, which is only 12 Gbps compared to 14 Gbps. There is also a slower clock speed, boost clock of 1250 MHz compared to 1300 MHz.

AMD said: "The AMD Radeon ™ Pro 5000M series mobile GPUs are based on the new AMD RDNA architecture. The new design has aiming to provide superior performance, scalability and energy efficiency. "

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