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AMD support for its Radeon products will continue in December, with its next major driver update. We recently learned that one of the main benefits to be presented below is allowing users with inexpensive graphics cards to take full advantage of the capabilities of their hardware. The

supposedly allows these enhancements to be aptly named AMD Radeon Boost. It was discovered in a marketing material leak that the image showed the feature's advertising page and the fact that it promised to "speed up your game." Promotional image

says that the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 edition is available "today", but since this is a leaked image, it appears to coincide with the expected December release.

Since this news has not been officially announced, we don't know how the software will realize these benefits, or even what will happen. Techradar said that this feature may coincide with AMD's acquisition of HiAlgo in 2016. At the time of the

acquisition, HiAlgo developed two technologies, namely HiAlgo Chill and HiAlgo Boost. Since AMD has launched AMD Chill, this booster software is likely to be an upgraded version of HiAlgo Boost. The Boost software developed by

HiAlgo uses adaptive resolution technology to work. The working principle of this process is to adjust the resolution of the image displayed on the screen according to the action. This allows to improve the performance of each frame, display higher resolution when the motion is stationary, and reduce the resolution when there is more motion, when the player is less likely to notice a drop in resolution.

Although this software looks likely to appear in the next driver package, it does not mean that it will be the same technology AMD chose. It looks like we have to wait for the new driver update to arrive before we can start viewing the details. However, on paper, it looks very promising.

Since AMD has released its own inexpensive series of graphics cards, it is entirely reasonable that they expect to support these graphics cards by helping users improve performance in any way possible. Compared to budget graphics cards from Nvidia, this puts AMD in a good position. Done right, the software will allow for a significant increase in frame rate without significantly degrading graphics.

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