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Today marks the launch of the AMD 6900XT graphics card. Although it won't launch until later today, we've already seen ASUS's first custom model in the form of the ASUS TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card. today You should see one of the many models based on the complete Navi 21 XTX “Big Navi” GPU chip. The card has been listed on the Asus website and was discovered by one of our favorite leakers: Momomo_US.

Let's take a look at the Asus TUF Gaming Radeon design. The GPU uses a three-fan design, with two 11-blade fans and a 13-blade fan in the middle. Asus says, the extra blades and the full-height ring on the center blade help increase static pressure and blow air directly to the GPU heat sink. The

card also uses 0dB fan technology and is equipped with some high-quality electronic components that work together to provide a stable power supply for the GPU and memory. The TUF Gaming series will use a 2.9-slot design and MaxContact design heat sink, which includes a huge array of aluminum fins, equipped with seven copper heat pipes and a solid nickel substrate for efficient heat dissipation.

These new GPUs share the same display configuration as the ROG STRIX Radeon RX 6800 model, with three DisplayPort 1.4a ports and dual HDMI 2.1 ports/backplane is single aluminum, and when the cooler extends beyond the heat sink, There is also a cut-out printed circuit board for the third fan. The

will be powered by dual 8-pin connectors and will use a fully customized PCB layout. We know that the RX 6900XT's clock is limited to 3.0Ghz compared to the 2.8Ghz of the 6800X, but we have no specific details about this model.

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