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So far, we know that AMD has only confirmed two GPUs in the RX 5500 series, RX 5500M and RX 5500. We know that these cards are similar in many respects, but the main differentiating factor is that the mobile version will include less memory and a speed of slightly smaller clock.

recently discovered 12 other Navi 14 series devices, but these devices are not yet equipped with graphics cards. The RX 5500 XT card is likely to appear in these listed device IDs. We are still waiting for more news about the upcoming Navi 14 RX 5500 XT card, which appears to have 1,536 RDNA cores.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Komachi_Ensaka leaked the list of IDs. We can see from the linked tweet that 14 device IDs are listed, including entries for Radeon RX 5500m and RX 5500.

Now, just because there are 14 separate entries, this does not mean that we will see another 12 versions. It may be that some of these device IDs have never been used and just remain inactive.

Another possibility is that some of these IDs will be used for upcoming iMacs and MacBooks, and even reserved as non-publicly accessible trial devices. The best case is that we will see individual versions of the remaining rounds, but I am not very hopeful. The

RX5500M and RX 5500 have 7340: C1 and 7340: C7 entries, respectively, and these two GPUs have appeared in the CompuBench database prior to the announcement.

Interestingly, there are two additional entries, 7341: 00 and 7340 - CF strings also appear in the CompuBench database list. It is unclear if these lists are accurate as they appear to be very similar to the original RX 5500M and RX 5500 lists.

The main difference in these lists is the memory configuration. The strange thing is that 7340: 00 is available with 8GB GDDR6, while 7340: CF is equipped with only 3GB ... Unless we take a step back in time, we assume this is a bug or it may be a GPU market with a smaller budget.

Although these lists seem interesting, they are only assumptions when it comes to determining if they correspond to the real version. We may see several new versions of this list, but we suspect we will see more "M" variants.

As usual, we will keep you informed of any news about these cards. Hope we can get more specific information on several of these lists, maybe even the release date of the RX 5500 XT card?

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