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Biostar unveils the all new a32m2 micro atx motherboard

It tends to be an ordinary trend in the current world of technology, and you will find that the submarine of product information is far from the launch. We have yet seen the release of the AMD Navi 21 graphic card, but we already have a test of the Navi 31 graphics card, it was not officially-

AMD Navi 21 is expected to land at some point this year and take place. An impressive kit. It is assumed that this GPU of Navi 31 acts as a successor of Navi 21, so work has already begun.

The next GPU of NAVI 31 seems to be confirmed by the Macos Code 11 South Beta. This comes from _Rogame through hardware leakage and is viewed through the Reference of the AMD controller code of Apple.

In the past, if the chip is aware of the AMD controller, it usually means that the development cycle is quite far. This is surprisingly surprising that we are looking at the confirmation of Navi 31 very quickly.

The problem driver is associated with Macos11 Big Sur of AMD. This is the continuation of the Apple operating system. This is configured to change the first main version of 15 years or more and marks the jump to version 11. This leak also shows the plans to move on to your own silicon based on the arm, not using parts of Intel / AMD, but this is not confirmed.

From the image Next, Navi 31 can be seen from the image that is simply indicated. They are frequently shown through controller codes.

We can also find glimpse both the Future Navi 22 and Navi 23 of the Code of the Driver. This is usually formed as a PCI ID support that generally deletes the final verification stage. These are the following. We also mention AMD Cezanne in a

code, which is APU of the AMD UP command characterized by RDNA2 and Zen 3444 architecture, these APUs compete with the Tiger Lake Processor and serve as an important successor above the Existing renoir alignment. The sepanine lines are divided into two segments, low power cEzanneu and cEzannene chemical high-pressure processors.

It is a great news to listen to calm vapors in order to create a wonderful product, while it is still expensive. We have to wait for this to see how it has the product of its competitive price.

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