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Biostar announces custom radeon rx 5500 xt and radeon rx 5700 xt gpus

MSI Marketing Director Eric van Beurden revealed on the latest MSI Insider Show on YouTube that the Ryzen CPU series will receive the new AMD microcode next month. The updated code is said to provide no less than a hundred changes and updates for AMD processors.

According to Van Beurden, these enhancements are not limited to correcting bugs and problems, but also add some new enhancements. No further details were provided on the details of the new features. From a user point of view, they are unlikely to change that much, but strange things have happened, so we will have to wait and see what AMD can do. The

microcode is loaded onto the CPU through a BIOS update. Van Beurden explained that AMD will start sending updates to motherboard manufacturers next week. The first one is expected to be AGESA microcode. Take MSI as an example, this will affect 300, 400, 400 Max and 500 series motherboards.

explained that this process is a bit complicated, because it involves the BI OS supplier must update the BIOS code to improve the CPU microcode update, and as the motherboard manufacturer is responsible for making changes for their specific models.

Simply put, microcode is the most basic instruction set used by the CPU for daily data processing. Just as motherboards get firmware updates and GPUs get driver updates, CPUs need a little love from time to time to improve overall performance.

The November window is not static. As motherboard manufacturers fix any potential problems, we can see several beta versions of BIOS firmware at the same time.

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