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Bios update for new ryzen 3000 chips x470 b450

According to the data published by CpubenChmark, AMD in the third quarter of 2019 secured one third of the global participation of the CPU for the first time in 12 years, and has made it unstable grip of Intel for many years. AMD's increase is attributable to the great success of the CPU based on Zen architecture launched in 2017, that is, Rezen, Ryzen Pro, Resteslaesrispper, and EPYC products. AMD witnessed these CPUs partially 70% approximately 70% growth.

A large amount of growth, with poor nails of the poor from 18 ° C to 2019 by 2019, attributable to the third quarter of 2019, and AMD market share is quite skipped many jumps. More than 30%. It is all about 18% of the market share of 50% of 506 by 18% more than 18% of 18% of 18 pm and 18% of 18% from 18% from 18% to 18% of Stark of Stark, it is contrasting to the reduction. Their numbers are based on CPU that are actively used instead of net sales. However, sales are also impressive, as it is more impressive to find retailers within the scope of consumer sales. Currently, it is currently estimated that the German products of retailers, Ingeb, AMD represent 81% of Intel CPU sales at 19% lower.

AMD is in progress, along with the recent launch of Lyzen 9 3900 and Ryzen 3500x, as expected from the month of Ryzen 3950x of the following month.

Intel Just do nothing, while AMD is entering your guide. It is expected to be involved in similar precise strategies to maintain its main position. As a result, all the good news for the builders who must see the droplets marked with the entire board of the Board CPU, are completed.

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