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Bhaptics tactsuit at ces

The main focus of the Keynote conference of CES 2021 AMD was a laptop and its sliced brothers and an ultra thin laptop. Dr. Lisa his announced a wide range of CPU with on-board graphics (APU) designed for these devices. The two main ranges generated are the end of the highest performance for full-width laptops, which represents a series of 5000U by Rayden Rayen oriented to more extreme notebooks, and 15W are required that are required below these devices, more An extreme notebook, represented the indicated series Rayden 5000U. The 5000H series consists of processors that use the new Zen 3 architecture announced in October 2020, and the 5000U series has a combination of Zen 3 architecture chips ("Cezanne or" Family) and Zen 2 generation architecture Previous (known as "Lucienne or" family). In the case of

Zen 3, the Chip of Cezanne is at least (which was not clear if this also applies to Zen 2 Lucienne), AMD has a duration of the marketing battery of all X86 laptops. Be careful that Ryzen 7 5800u, proud of a general battery life of 17.5 hours, and a video up to 21 hours (but these pins are needed).

Ryzen 9 5900 HX (basic clock of 3.30 GHz / clock Basic GHz) and Ryzen 9 5980hx (basic clock 3.30 GHz / 4.80 GHz Boost watch) is a FASS-SHIP game processor. This is an improved Vega GPU and will also come to overclocking support (the first of the AMD notebook CPU). Both have eight cores (16 yarns) and 16 MB L3 and 4 MB of L2 cache.

We make sure to start watching the first laptop and notebook in February 2021. As soon as you can take a hand in any of ours, it will ensure that we are making our own reference tests.

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