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Bethesda to patch prey denuvo drm in future update

AMD and Intel have taken steps to assure customers that they are fully prepared to meet the growing demand for computing hardware following the coronavirus pandemic.

As the number of infected people increases day by day, people naturally worry that the supply chain is or may have been affected. This is especially true for chip manufacturers whose supply chains enter the affected regions.

Even before the current global situation unfolds, the latest news that both companies are experiencing delays makes many people wonder whether they are capable of coping with the increased demand for chips in overworked servers and data centers due to blockade measures.

As more and more people stay at home, the existing infrastructure is being hit, and these infrastructures will always flow into the hardware itself in the form of wear and tear. As the number of people in home quarantine increases globally, the demand for replacement parts or new equipment may increase to support existing infrastructure.

Intel CEO Bob Swan (Bob Swan) wrote a letter to assure customers that everything is under control. He said: "I am reaching out to you to confirm our strong commitment to you in the current coronavirus situation. Although this is still a developing situation, Intel's global factories continue to operate relatively normally. We are at your service at any time. ". .`

Swan confirmed that supply chain operations in the United States, the Middle East and Asia currently maintain on-time delivery rates of more than 90%. Lisa Su of 4,444 AMD followed suit and issued an equally reassuring letter confirming that AMD is taking steps to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on the company's global business.

According to AMD and Intel, there seems to be nothing to worry about at this point. As the weeks of lockdown turn into months and infrastructure pressures mount, it remains to be seen if this will change.

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