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AMD FSR (or the full name FidelityFX Super Resolution) is an excellent upgrade technology. As of today (July 15, 2021), it is now available to game designers using the Unity Engine and Unreal Engine, and can also be used as open source. The code is free to use on the GPUOpen platform. good news!

This basically means that although the current list of games that support AMD FSR is still very small, we are likely to see their widespread adoption in future games (because many games will be based on Unity and Unreal engines).

The free nature of the technology and the fact that it is applicable to AMD and Nvidia hardware means that not everyone has reason not to enjoy this huge performance boost in future games.

If you want to experience the features of FSR, but there is no game that supports it, AMD kindly prepared a small demo for you to try.

Just download the FSR demo from the GPUOpen site, install it, run it, and you can run a scene where you can switch between different FSR levels for easy comparison.

Resident Evil Village, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Edge of Eternity, and Arcadegeddon now have official AMD FSR support.

These games are added to the small and growing list of AMD FSR games.

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