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GTA 5 active Redditor and module maker NarutoUA1337 loaded its own module, which was transferred via AMD FSR DLL library (source unknown) to allow updates in GTA 5.

This popular mod works by replacing the updater existing in the game with its configuration and FSR version. Therefore, you can easily access the new FSR profile settings in the advanced graphics settings menu in frame zoom mode while gaming. Very popular convenience, thank you NarutoUA1337!

If you are not sure what is AMD FidelityFX super resolution, we suggest you take a quick look at our article, which lists the games that support FSR (official) and explains the technology in simple terms.

Above you can see a video explaining the visual changes that the mod AMD FRS has made in GTA V.

You can download the GTA 5 FSR mod from GitHub.

Note that you should always be careful when downloading mods (or any files) from the internet. Although GitHub is a relatively trustworthy site, you may want to check the source code before downloading and installing anything, read feedback from other users, and run virus and malware checks on downloaded files.

Note also that if you play GTA online the module may flag anti-cheat software, which may result in a ban, although other tools like ReShade and ENB generally do not trigger this issue, so hopefully that is okay.

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